5 Tourist Spots for Your LA UNION ITINERARY

Last updated: 24 April 2024

La Union is bordered by the Cordillera Mountain Range and the West Philippine Sea. The province became popular for its surfing spots and was even hailed as the Surfing Capital of Northern Luzon along with Baler. However, La Union is more frequented than Baler because of the latter’s proximity to Manila. With the New TPLEX, SCTEX, and NLEX, travel time to La Union could only take 3-5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Another reason why La Union is famous among travelers is it’s a favorite stop of most before going up the mountains of Baguio or exploring the rest of the Northern provinces like Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. Should you plan a visit soon to the province, here are some activities to do.

Surf the waves of San Juan

Taking a trip to La Union isn’t complete without trying to ride the playful waves of San Juan’s beaches. There are various surfing shops that offer lessons. They cater to beginners and pros alike. These lessons cost P500 per hour and include a dedicated instructor and use of boards. If you just want to rent a board, an hour costs P200; a half-day rental is P500 and P800 for a whole day. You can choose a board with mounts for your action cameras to capture your surfing adventure. The shops open at 7:00 AM and close after sunset around 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Take a stroll along the shores of Luna Beach

If you’ve had your fair amount of frolicking across white, fine sands, and would like to experience a rather new one, taking a stroll along the famous Pebble Beach in Luna is an activity you should consider. This unique shoreline makes for a dramatic backdrop for photos. And to add to the already distinct landscape, we’ve heard that the “Baluarte” or watchtower, which had been built in the shores of Pebble Beach some 400 years ago, has finally been restored.

Take a scenic trek to Tangadan Falls

For those who want to take time away from the beach and enjoy more of nature and its wonders, a trek to Tangadan Falls in the town of San Gabriel is a must. To reach the falls, one must go on a 45- to 60-minute hike. It is worth it because, in addition to the stunning cascade, Tangadan’s location is very near the town of San Juan, which means you can take a dip in the cool waters of Urbiztondo beach afterward.

Explore Ma-cho Temple in San Fernando

Ma-cho Temple in the city of San Fernando is a Taoist temple located on top of a hill. The structures are festooned with oriental elements like dragons and terracotta roofs. Furthermore, with a height of almost 70 feet above sea level, you’ll also get to have the best views of the city and surrounding waters here.

Experience Greece in Thunderbird Resort

If traveling to Greece is in your bucket list, then you will love a visit to Thunderbird Resort La Union. Here, you can get the classic Greek vibe without putting a significantly European dent in your pocket. The buildings are designed like the ones you can find in Santorini – pristine and blinding white with accents of deep cerulean. There are two scenic pools that you can enjoy, plus a wide reception area for events. Head out to the nearby beach, slow down a bit and watch the sunset. Afterward, kick off the night with a cocktail or beer in the resort’s world-class restaurant.

Best Time to Visit La Union

Anytime is a good time for a La Union adventure. Weekends are usually full of weekend warriors looking for a short escape from a stressful work week. If you want a more peaceful and tranquil environment, weekdays are your best bet. As for the weather, it depends on what activities you’re planning to do on your trip. If you’re in La Union for surfing, October to March are the best months. The waves and winds are most cooperative. But if you’re there to relax and watch the waves and not go surfing, the summer months are best, which are April and May.

Where to Stay in La Union

Aureo Resort La Union
Aureo Resort La Union. Photo provided by the resort via Agoda.

San Fernando City is the capital city of La Union. This is where most of the economic biz of the province happens. Poro point, where the international seaport and Thunderbird Resort and Casino are located, is also a popular destination for tourists. San Juan is the surfing capital of the province. If surfing is your jive, booking a hotel in Urbiztondo Beach is the best option. There are several beachfront properties in the area, ranging from hostels, hotels, and villas.

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