6 Tourist Spots for Your ALBAY ITINERARY

Mt. Mayon got its name from the Bicolano folklore about a beautiful lady named, “Daragang Magayon”. It is one of the most photographed volcanoes in the Philippines and could be found at most Philippine postcards and postage stamps. Because of its almost-perfect cone and astounding landscape, UNESCO hailed Mayon as the cornerstone of the Albay Biosphere Reserve.

Legazpi City is the capital city of Albay and it is the city where you’ll get the best views of Mayon. It is the largest city in the Bicol Region in terms of population. It is also the center of education, tourism, and commerce in the region. Aside from being fixated on the beauty of Mayon, there is a lot of other activities that can be experienced in the city. Here are some of the things you can do during your trip to Legazpi, Albay.

Take Incredible Optical Illusion Photos of Mayon in Cagsawa Ruins Park

Located in Daraga, Cagsawa Ruins Park is just 20 minutes away from Legazpi. It houses the remnants of the Cagsawa Church – a 16th-century church built by the Franciscan Order. It was destroyed during the eruption of Mayon in 1814.

Once you enter the premises of the park, there will be a lot of locals who will ask you if you want to have your picture taken with the stunning backdrop of Mayon volcano and the church ruins. They even have printed photos of the poses and illusions they can take of you and your group. There are also a lot of stalls and shops inside the park where you can buy native delicacies like pili nuts.

Explore the Mayon Volcano National Park

Wherever you are in Legazpi, you can’t miss catching a glimpse of Mayon, but the Mayon Volcano National Park is the closest you can get to it.

There are a lot of activities that you can do in the park such as having a picnic by the lake near the volcano, riding an ATV to the base of the volcano, or just staring at the perfect beauty before your eyes.

Visit Daraga Church

Daraga Church or otherwise known as the Church of Nuestra Senora de la Porteria (Our Lady of the Gate) is an iconic structure with stunning views of the sea and the Mayon Volcano. Hailed as a National Cultural Treasure in 2007 by the National Historical Institute, it is one attraction that must be first on your list before entering the capital city of Legazpi.

The Daraga Church is situated in the town of Daraga, Albay. It is known for its very unique baroque architecture that can only be seen in a number of churches in the country. The balcony of the church is a popular wedding venue for the locals of Daraga.

If you’re looking for an authentic Bicolano meal, you can find “Red Labuyo”, a restaurant just beside the Daraga Church.

Be Adventurous and Try The Embarcadero Zip Line

Bring out the daredevil in you and reach the other side of the port through this 350-meter zipline. The line starts at the top of the lighthouse of Embarcadero de Legazpi going down the other side of the port. The ride lasts about a minute and you’ll get the rare chance to see the best of both worlds, the bustling city of Legazpi and the spectacular views of Mayon and the seaport.

Support local artists at the Albay Capitol Atrium Art Gallery

The Albay Capitol Atrium Art Gallery is where prolific local artists showcase their works of art, from paintings to photographs even live art exhibitions, if you’re lucky.

Take a stroll down Legazpi Boulevard

One of the best views you’ll get of Mount Mayon is along this stretch of paved road. There are several restaurants and cafes lined up by the boulevard where you can catch the sunset and chill along with the locals.

Where to Stay in Legazpi, Albay

Legazpi city, as the most developed area in Albay, has numerous accommodation options and business establishments. It is the usual jump-off point to other parts of Albay. If you are looking for a place to stay, it has 4-star hotel accommodation like the Oriental Legazpi, as well as affordable hostels. Here are some of the top accommodations as rated by Agoda users, in no particular order.

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