In a nutshell, we feature the following content on our fan page and other social media accounts to expose them to more users and potential travelers:

Ultimately, we wish to give Philippine tourism a little bit more push. That, while making a living doing what we love.

Yes, tourism. Tourism brings with it several things.

Tourism brings pleasure. Most tourists travel to relax, unwind, and enjoy. The mere sight of the beach inspires ideas and enables us to see things differently. The sound of the waves hitting the shore allows us to escape the pressure and violent jolts of metropolitan living. The feeling of the wind welcoming us blows stress away. The activities that await us on the beach are opportunities to build and strengthen relationships. These benefits are exactly what we would like to share with everyone by showcasing the beauty and wonder of our islands and pushing travel packages that are not just enjoyable but easily affordable.

Tourism brings jobs and livelihood to communities. We have seen tourism change the lives of the people residing in coastal areas and help save the environment. Fishermen in some parts of the country who used to hunt down and kill whalesharks have now become tour guides and guardians of the threatened species. Dynamite and cyanide fishing in some areas decreased significantly when fishermen learned that bringing tourists to beautiful spots makes more money than killing wildlife. These fruits of tourism will be enjoyed by many other communities throughout the country.

Tourism, however, also brings destruction. We’ve seen many beaches get abused and exploited by both residents and tourists themselves. This is why we also spread the word on the many ways on how to minimize footprints. Tourists must be equipped with enough information on responsible travel before they go out there and explore.



Our History

We started out as friends eager to travel. But we fell in love. With the beach, that is.

PhilippineBeaches.org is a brainchild of two individuals — Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos — who simply wanted to travel at first. But then, they enjoyed traveling so much that they felt compelled to write about their trips, share with the world, and invite everyone to do the same. Ces Vitan, Andre Montejo, Claudane Galang, and Astrid Alvarez, totally brainwashed (just kidding), eventually joined the team.

Today, PhilippineBeaches.org owns four travel blogs and the country’s largest beach community on Facebook with 1.5 MILLION followers and counting. (Mind you, it’s growing fast.)


Our Mission

We aim to promote beach tourism in the country by spreading the word about the various beach destinations, travel agencies, beach resorts and hotels, and their products and services. At the same time, we wish to help travelers and would-be-travelers score a good deal.

But it doesn’t stop there. While we push beach tourism, we also hope to raise awareness about responsible travel by providing tips and insights.

We’re not an authority on beach protection. We’d like to think that we learn from our readers, too! So if you have an idea or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us!