The Team

Asta Alvarez
Site Manager, Viewfinder

Asta’s love for climbing mountains and nature tripping was ignited by the US TV series LOST. Aside from lazing on the beach, she enjoys being on top of the mountain in order to catch breathtaking views. Whether from the great heights of the mountains or from the depths of the sea, she is determined to capture the best views she can find and holler, “Asta la vista, baby!”

Yoshke Dimen

Co-founder, Captain Dreamer

The team’s chief dreamer, navigator and imagineer, Yoshke is’s Head of Marketing and Development and Editor-In-Chief, generating ideas, setting goals, and providing directions for the group. He is also the team’s writer and social media manager and strategist. He claims that he travels to be inspired. Get to know him better on his personal blog:

Vins Carlos

Co-founder, Chief Castle Builder

Our resident hottie. Vins manages day-to-day operations and is in charge of the business side of things — serving as the Chief Operations and Finance Officer. He also directly works on the sites’ search engine optimization (SEO) and everything Google. Contrary to what he does best, he always finds himself lost during travel. (Nemo, is that you?) He loves unfamiliar territories and finding his way around. Aside from his taste for adventure, he loves two things while traveling — food and more food. Yes, we said it. (Don’t you deny it, Vins. We have photos!)

Ces Vitan

Events Manager, Sandbarista

Ces is the team’s go-to person for managing events, finding suppliers, handling logistics, and delivering sunshines and rainbows, along with her ideas and bouts of crazy. We call her Sand Barista because she’s a total sucker for sandbars. At least that’s what she tells us. The truth is, she’s afraid of deep water. (Yes, Ces. We know. It’s alright. LOL.) Bright as the sun and loose as the sand, she is the team’s total entertainer and constant provider of good vibes. Beware, she bursts into songs randomly. And loudly.

Andre Montejo

Creative Director, Dolphin-Lover

When it comes to creative ideas, Andre has lots of them. Andre is in charge of the creative direction of the projects and events. He is an advocate of wildlife conservation. He’s in love with dolphins. Madly. He believes he is a dolphin trapped in a man’s body. If he could, he would marry a dolphin. To be fair, won’t we all? They’re friendly, playful, intelligent, and totally endearing — just like Andre. (Somebody date him please!)