From Quezon


The province of Quezon has a lot to offer for beachgoers and those seeking a quick weekend getaway from Manila or the big cities in the south. The province has plenty of beaches to choose from, whether one is looking for an easy place to get to or a remote

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Video: Real Friendships in Real, Quezon

“You’re lucky enough to find forever in friendship and blessed when it became your family.” This was how Abby Malicdem described her relationship with her closest travel buddies. Abby and friends recently celebrated 10 years of being together and it was but fitting to hold their commemoration of real camaraderie

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Borawan Beach, Quezon: Important Tips

Much has been said about Borawan. The beach has been transformed from Quezon’s best-kept secret to a crowded strip. It has become one of the go-to beach destinations among Manila-dwellers and it’s not difficult to see why. Imposing cliffs frame the sandy coast, freckled by boulders whose feet are soaked

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Polillo Island in Quezon

Polillo is not the familiar party island nor does it have the usual glitzy resort comfort. But this tropical oasis on the northeastern side of Quezon Province offers an escape into an island that promises restorative vacation.