ALL DRONE UP: Pagsanjan – Caliraya (Dex Maligang)

2016 • 04 • 16

Where two rivers—Bumbungan and Balanac—create a convergence, we find a humble municipality billed as the tourist capital of Laguna: Pagsanjan.

Pagsanjan is the home of the Bangkero Festival, a celebration in March that sees the town’s bangkeros paddling in tourists amid rapids and between boulders en route to Pagsanjan Falls, a major attraction the town is best known for.

The three-drop waterfall, which elementary history books frequently list as one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines, maybe the talk of the town, but, as evidenced in this experience-through-the-eyes-of-an-eagle video by Dex Maligang of Dex Creative Photography, there is a lot more to the place.

In Dex’s video, Pagsanjan is seen as a cradle rich in earthy marsh. Under the billowing clouds, its fluvial charm is punctuated with verdant vicinities that break away to the expanse of a celebrated lake and out to the mountains. The townsfolk lead a simple life, which makes sense because the serenity of the place calls for no stressful complications.

Lake Caliraya, which is briefly featured in the short film, is man-made and has been there since 1939. To date, it offers a sweet spot for water sports and outdoor recreational activities like fishing. Resorts and vacation homes can also be found in the area.

True to the place’s etymology—Pinagsangahan, meaning “branching” or “juncture”—Pagsanjan creates a two-pronged appreciation for idyllic life bound by land and water.

Here’s Dex’s visual recollection of Pagsanjan. Press play!

Pagsanjan – Caliraya In The Air… from Travel Pinas by Lucky Maligang on Vimeo.




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