ALL DRONE UP: Malabrigo Beach and Lighthouse (Video)

2016 • 04 • 16

What could possibly be interesting about a cylindrical brick tower that was erected to provide lighted navigational assistance to sea vessels during the Spanish Colonial Era? Save for the fact that it’s a century-old monument whose loftiness can overwhelm people sizing it up with an upward gaze, there’s nothing much to the Malabrigo Lighthouse, right?


Designed by Guillermo Brockman and built by Jose Garcia, the Malabrigo Lighthouse, which is one of the 24 lighthouses the Spanish put up in the Philippines, is, in fact, a national historical landmark.

But what do we do with that piece of information? Is that enough to fill with awe the wanderlust-stricken heart?

Let’s try again. How about a grand overlooking panorama of the bright and sprawling blue-green span of the ocean seemingly stretching out to the edge of the world, meeting a slightly clouded skyline speckled with mountains and illuminated by the sun? See, this is exactly the view from where the lighthouse stands. Now if you don’t find that awesome, it might be time to recalibrate your definition of “awesome.”

Here’s a two-minute drone video from Dex Creative Photography that explores all angles—and astounding environs—of this structural wonder perched on a cliff in Lobo, Batangas. I bet this footage will build my case further.

Aerial Shot Malabrigo Lighthouse from Travel Pinas by Lucky Maligang on Vimeo.



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