ALL DRONE UP: Fortune Island in Nasugbu, Batangas

2016 • 01 • 29

If you’re half of a couple who dreams of happily ever after, chances are, you’re also dreaming of a romantic prenup video. It’s been a tradition in many countries (including the Philippines) that couples shoot footage of their sweet, romantic moments as a teaser to the wedding. The video is sent to the invited guests and also shown at the reception on wedding day.

For this edition of ALL DRONE UP (where we feature amazing drone videos), we’re showcasing a prenup video not only for capturing the love the couple feels for each other but also the stunning beauty of its location — Fortune Island. This was submitted to us by Paul Venson Mejia.

While Fortune Island is one of the closer island destinations in Manila, it is still relatively obscure (especially compared to the more popular coves in San Antonio, Zambales; Laiya, Batangas; and Padre Burgos, Quezon). It is located 14km off the coast of Brgy. Bucana, Nasugbu.

The island’s most prominent feature is its lane of Greek-style columns that are perched on a cliff, overlooking a strip of white sand. Intrigued? Give it a watch below.

And oh, best wishes for Paul and Babila!



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