APO ISLAND, NEGROS ORIENTAL: Swimming with Turtles (Video)

2016 • 05 • 04

In this age when modern technology gives access to things we need at the push of a button, it’s easy to think that when time loses pace, we’re left with nothing but ennui in our hands. But this wouldn’t be the case if you find yourself swimming with shelled creatures that are just as adrift and leisurely.

Apo Island is a place off the coast of Negros Oriental where you wouldn’t mind for time to slow down. It gives off a vibe of an undiscovered paradise, which you can marvel at all day long: its deep cobalt waters bleeding to a lighter shade of blue as they reach blindingly white shores and robust rock formations among lush greeneries. Conversely, Apo Island is also a marine sanctuary where tourists can swim with actual sea turtles.

Swimmers, however, are not allowed any physical contact with the mild-mannered reptiles; the slightest touch could merit a corresponding fine. This is because the marine reserve is protected by the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act of 1992. Check out this interaction guide by Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines!

With thousands of species of fish and 400 coral species, Apo Island flourishes as a popular dive spot too. In fact, it is the first entry in Yahoo! Southeast Asia’s list of 10 unforgettable dive destinations.

Take a peek at what the island can offer in the video above shot by Christer Isulat using his Panasonic GH4, DJI Phantom 3 Professional, and GoPro HERO4 Silver.



  1. Ken says:

    Sunblock poses potential hazard to sea life. Please stop using sunscreens and other consumer products if you want to enjoy marine life.

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