ALL DRONE UP: Liwliwa, Zambales (Video)

2016 • 05 • 06

The façade of a peaceful fishing village suggests a sojourn less adventurous during out-of-town pursuits. Perhaps this picture of solitude: you sitting close by the shoreline, watching fishermen come and go to the sea and back, eventually converging to collect and organize the day’s catch before retreating to their families. But when we talk about a certain place in Zambales called Liwliwa, this vignette becomes nothing but sheer veneer.

Liwliwa is essentially that—a fishing village. But when the waves come, which, according to the grapevine, are impressively consistent, this sitio in San Felipe becomes a haven for surfers and surfer-wannabes.

Unlike other staple surfing spots, Liwliwa isn’t usually crowded. Perhaps because finding it is a bit tricky since the road leading to ‘Liwa is hidden from the main highway. The place may have taken the “off the beaten path” adage quite literally, but getting there is worth the journey. Not only because of the uncluttered setting it offers for a good surf, but also its natural features, which are interestingly picturesque (the beach sand is said to be mixed with lahar that ensued from the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo).

Christer Isulat summarizes the unique beauty of Liwliwa in this video. Wait for the shot that courses you through its long, sun-soaked coastline—it will surely make your jaw drop!



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