VIDEO: Mactan and Bantayan Islands in Cebu

2016 • 05 • 08

Imagine yourself looking out a vast vista of the sea, sand, and sky—where one component begins and ends you can no longer tell because the transitions in between are smooth as silk and the syncing of all elements is divine. It’s like the perfect dream sequence for beach lovers. Only, this isn’t so much a fantasy because this is precisely how it is finding yourself on Bantayan Island.

Located in the Visayan Sea, west of the northern end of Cebu, Bantayan exemplifies an uninterrupted view of the sky and shoreline. Its waters are clear and low, making it an ideal place for long walks at the beach. Since it provides an immaculate backdrop, it can also double as a stunning setting for casual Kodak moments or even pre-nuptial shoots.

In Bantayan, you can recline and relax, a mug of beer in one hand, and mull over life in general—it’s that kind of a place, especially when the blue-gray clouds start to close in and leave a hole in the sky where the faint afternoon sun can peer through until dusk.

Swimming is such a delight you can go topsy-turvy with the jellies inhabiting its waters. Sea urchins, starfish, and small shells abound, proving that it’s not just above the sea but also underwater that Bantayan is such a sight for sore eyes.

We’re fortunate Mikoy Martinez, a.k.a. Nomadic Mike, shared with us this video he made showcasing his stay in Bantayan Island, where snippets of his trip to Mactan are also featured.



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