VIDEO: Real Friendships in Real, Quezon

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2016 • 05 • 08

“You’re lucky enough to find forever in friendship and blessed when it became your family.”

This was how Abby Malicdem described her relationship with her closest travel buddies. Abby and friends recently celebrated 10 years of being together, and it was but fitting to hold their commemoration of real camaraderie in a place that is…Real.

Real is a first-class municipality in Quezon that’s known for its coastal charm mainly because of its attractive beaches. The low rock formations along the shores, where people can saunter and feel the waves crash and gently die at their feet, make up for sand that isn’t as alabaster as that of Calaguas or Boracay. Regardless, the beaches of Real hold their own beauty and promise a fine experience for swimming and surfing.


Backpackers can also find solace in Real, the second largest town in terms of area in the province of Quezon, as it offers a joint where vacationers can camp out. This particular place, whose grounds provide a grassy setting apt for picnics and putting up tents, is called the Pacific Recreation Kamp or simply, The PaRK. At The PaRK, vacationers can rent surfboards and hire surfing instructors.

Abby videoed their fun-filled forays in Real and her short film caught members of their group arms up, carrying a surfboard above their heads, very reminiscent of the Bayanihan phenomenon. The poignant image summarizes how a decade has defined the philosophy binding Abby and her friends: all for one and one for all—be it in the name of beach getaways, hangouts, sleepovers, or adding babies to be part of their growing family.

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