BuzzFeed Team Samples Filipino Street Food

2014 • 07 • 10

We’ve seen our foreign friends try balut and watched in delight as they freaked out a little a lot. But while balut remains the king of Philippine street food, how about some of our other favorites?

BuzzFeed Yellow team samples turon, kikiam, fish balls, and more in a new video released earlier this week. Some items, like turon, received raves. “If I brought this to a party, people would be like You’re the best!” says one.

The others, er, not so much. “That’s why you don’t eat intestines ever,” says another about isaw (grilled chicken/pork intestines).

Give it a watch below:

This is not the first time they featured Filipino food. Watch them give Jollibee a shot below:



  1. Lyndsay Cabildo says:

    I love these clips! I have to show it to my fiance to at least get him a li’l psyched about trying our food. He’s a foodie but really choosy too.

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