BATANGAS BULALO: Perfect for Rainy Days

As the summer heat subsides and a nip in the air returns, nothing beats a steaming bowl of soup. Here in the Philippines, bulalo definitely tops the list of the most popular tummy-warmers!

Bulalo is a simple soup enriched by the natural flavors of beef shanks and bone marrow. The fat melts right into the clear broth when simmered for hours, adding patience as an important ingredient to this recipe. A large cauldron of bulalo usually includes nutritious vegetables from corn and potatoes to leafy greens like cabbage. Also in the mix are salt, pepper, patis (fish sauce), bay leaves, onion and garlic. Additional ingredients vary according to one’s preference. The result is a bowl of meaty goodness with a mouth-watering aroma arresting the senses enough to send you straight to the kitchen.

It is believed that the best “bulalohan” in the country can be found in Batangas and in neighboring Tagaytay. In Batangas, carinderias serve their own version of this specialty dish, while in Tagaytay, the Mahogany Market is the best place to get fresh beef.

Best enjoyed with rice, wolf your way down to the very last drop of this soup! Careful not to burn your tastebuds at every sip!



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