5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget Before You Travel

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of travel. Before your trip, you’re probably already picturing yourself enjoying and having a wonderful time in your next destination. But you also probably feel a little bit anxious, and it’s perfectly fine. What to pack, where you’re going to eat, what the accommodation will be like, the weather, name it! But with so many things to think about, it’s easy to forget about the more important details of your holiday.

Well, here I’ve gathered 5 of the most important things to arrange and sort before you head off on your travels. That way, you can fully enjoy your adventures, knowing that everything at home is taken care of.

Make sure you have all your charging devices.

You’re heading off on the adventure of a lifetime, and you’re going to want to capture every moment along the way – if you’re hoping to print your holiday photos onto canvas click the link – and the idea of forgetting your phone or camera is a terrifying one. But you’ll be amazed how many people go off on their travels and leave their charging devices behind! Happened to us many times, and we were forced to buy new ones in the destination, a totally unnecessary but avoidable expense. And oh, don’t forget your adapters too!

Make copies of your travel documents.

It’s one thing remembering your passport and your other travel documents, but have you made copies of them? Even the most experienced travellers always bring copies of their documents with them so, if the worst should happen, then they can present copies at their local embassy and getting the issue resolved should take much less time. For example, if you lose your passport, it is much easier to file for a temporary replacement if you have a copy with you. It’s a good idea to make hard copies and also digital copies too and don’t panic!

Take note of your bank’s helplines.

You should always have emergency cash with you when you travel, just in case your bank card/s become stolen or lost. It’s also a good idea to have your banks fraud helpline number written down too. So, that way you can cancel your card immediately once you know it’s gone missing.

Having your bank’s hotline handy also means you get things fixed quickly in case you run into unexpected problem. Also, don’t forget to call your bank before your trip and inform them that you’ll be going on a trip so they won’t block purchases and tag them as suspicious.

Make sure you’re covered.

Everyone is advised to take out travel insurance before they go abroad, this should cover you if your flights are cancelled or delayed or if you loose your luggage etc. But it’s also a good idea to check that you have a policy that covers you medically too. Anything can happen on the road, whether you slip in the hotel foyer and break a leg, you chip a tooth, you fall ill, or you need to be returned to your home country. Having a good policy means that you’ll receive the best medical care no matter where you are in the world.

Consult a doctor, if necessary.

Are you aware of any vaccinations you might need before you travel? Some countries require you to have them before you arrive. Do a little research and head to your GP. In addition, now is the time to speak to your doctor about any medical issues or concerns you have before you travel. An irritating cough, a painful knee etc. If you have any prescriptions you need to take with you i.e. your contraceptive then make sure you’re up to date.



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