How to Get from Caticlan Airport to Boracay

2014 • 07 • 09

Getting to Boracay is a bit complicated. First, airlines use two airports: Kalibo and Caticlan. Kalibo is bigger but much farther. If you’re landing at Caticlan Airport, lucky you. You will save yourself from additional two hours of land travel.

From Caticlan airport, you will be taking two more modes of transportation: a short tricycle ride to the jetty and a 15-minute boat ride to the island.

Does it still sound confusing?

Well, let Adam John of BoracayTV fill you in with the details. He’s prepared not just a written post but also a video to show you the journey to Asia’s 24/7 Island!

For a more detailed list of instructions and more info about traveling to Boracay, check out this travel guide: Getting to Boracay from Caticlan

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If you’re flying to Kalibo airport instead, check out this step-by-step guide: Getting to Boracay from Kalibo



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