What to Do When You See Marine Turtles on the Beach

I once met a lovely girl named Camille. I suspect a huge part of her radiance came from her soft spot for animals. It’s true, I guess, what Arthur Schopenhauer said—that “compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character.”

Camille always found time to walk her dogs even if she’s dead-tired from yoga class. She did this every night like clockwork. She also had the habit of bringing home stray cats, whose ribs threatened to burst out of their skin, to nurture until they grew fat. Then she’d laugh it off and tell herself the cats she had adopted have gone and were replaced by snob piglets dressed in fur. She had that kind of sense of humor.

While she delighted bonding with domestic animals, Camille also dreamt of someday seeing turtles flocking the seashore. “I want to witness them laying eggs,” she told me. I didn’t know much about turtles so I scrambled for anything remotely related to say: “I like Donatello. He’s my favorite Ninja Turtle.”