10 Alternatives to Balloon and Sky Lantern Releases – Poster by Save Philippine Seas

“What goes up must come down,” reads the title of the poster released by Save Philippine Seas, an independent movement to promote the protection of our seas and marine resources. “Balloons and lanterns don’s stay in the sky forever. Sometimes they land in the sea where they get mistaken for food by birds and marine wildlife. Balloons and sky lanterns could block their digestive tracts, which could be fatal.”

These unintended consequences of releasing balloons are what pushed them to come up with a list of alternatives, which have less impact on the environment. The green recommendations include kite-flying, blowing bubbles, and quiz nights! Check out the full list below!

10 alternatives to balloons and sky lanterns

Text and graphics by Des Arellano and Haiko Magtrayo respectively. Both are from Save Philippine Seas.



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