HEROINE OF THE SEA: Wendi Garcia, Artists for Nature

2013 • 05 • 25

Wendi Garcia is the founder of Artists for Nature, an organization dedicated to the promotion of environmental awareness and support of conservation programs / various eco foundations through art. Wendi currently organizes art exhibit fundraisers and activities like coastal cleanups and free environmental art workshops for kids.

Which 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Driven, passionate, flexible

Why did you start Artists for Nature?

My husband Mike and I started Artists for Nature because we’ve always wanted to give something back to the environment and we figured it’d be a great idea to utilize/incorporate our talents and passion into our advocacy. He has a great love for the arts and I’ve this knack for organizing exhibits and events.

What do you find most challenging about the work that you do for Artists for Nature?

Selling paintings! Haha. It’s not that easy to sell artworks these days so we also need to find other ways to raise funds for our eco beneficiaries.

What is the most rewarding part of the work that you do?

Meeting people with the same advocacy. I’m very much in love with the fact that in environmental circles, people are always willing to help out and they’re always appreciative of what you do, no matter how simple your efforts. And also, whenever I see a change in people’s perspective about the environment. During our first event, I overheard one of the guests tell her friend, “I never realized this (pollution of the marine environment) was such a big deal.” When I see people who don’t care come out of our exhibits and start to care even if just a little bit, that’s a very big reward for me already.

What made you start caring about the environment/seas?

I grew up in Palawan. So did my hubby. All our lives, we’ve been surrounded by nature. And we can’t bear that our kids would grow up without it.

Aside from Artists for Nature, what else do you do to help save the seas and beaches of the Philippines?
Live a conscientious life. Teach my kids about the importance of nature. Spread the word about it. Set good examples as responsible travelers.

What would you advise Filipinos do to save the seas?

Be conscientious with every decision that you make that may impact the sea in one way or another. May it be as simple as bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store or something bigger like reporting illegal marine wildlife trade – always do the right thing.

(Interviewed by Mikee Garcia)



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