HEROINE OF THE SEA: Elaine Abonal, Surfing with a Cause

2012 • 12 • 30

Elaine Abonal absolutely loves surfing and looks at the sea as her second home. She shares this love with her huge social network and on “Surfista Travels”, through which she also actively asks others to help take care of the sea by not using plastic and not harming marine wildlife.

elaine abonalWhich 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Childlike (positive aspects of a child)

What do you like best about the seas?

I like that I can be more one with nature. Closer to where I came from. I like that it’s my playground and I get to play with my friends and surf.

What do you do on a regular basis to help save the seas? Why do you do it?

I promote beach cleaning. I don’t know if I do it daily but I post on facebook to my page & Surfista page about keeping the oceans and beaches clean, and about ocean creatures getting affected by pollution. Every single time I surf, I make sure that I pick up whatever (litter) I can and put them in the trash.

elaine abonal surfingHow did you decide on what you’re doing now?

Because it’s important for me where you live and surf. And I’m in a position to influence people and educate them about the seas due to SurfistaTravels or simply my love of surfing. (Interviewer’s note: She got inspired by the locals in La Union doing the act like a normal thing. Picking up trash, cig butts, and the like.)

What would you advise Filipinos do to save the seas?

To use reusable stuff, lessen use of plastic. If you see trash, pick it up and don’t just ignore it, and if you see people doing the act of littering, tell them not to do it.

(Interview by Miko Lu Fornillos)



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