WATCH: Inspired in Palawan (Drone Video)

2016 • 06 • 13

By now, almost everyone knows Palawan’s unparalleled beauty. With all the adulating publicity that went out in its favor—it landed first on CNN’s list of the best islands in the Philippines, became a pit stop on The Amazing Race, and got minutes of screen time in The Bourne Legacy—it’s nearly ludicrous not to believe Palawan is the loveliest island not just in the country but in the world.

Might still be a long shot, especially to people thinking of Maldives, Santorini, or Boracay, but keying in “the most beautiful island in the world” on Google can settle the debate, at least for the moment.

Then again, it’s best to have palpable proof. And this video from Vimeo Pro user RemoteRider can help with that.

Inspired in Palawan from RemoteRider on Vimeo.

Wow in your head, catch your heart race, and feel your jaw drop as this 6-minute highlight reel takes you to Palawan, frame by frame as if exposing its pulchritude postcard by postcard, from the breathtaking aerial vignettes of its deep-blue waters, pure white sand, and placid environs to the gorgeous subtleties found in its arresting ambiance, transitional sunsets, and homing infant turtles.

It is said that God rested on the seventh day when he created the universe. But before he did, it appears he had spent extra hours molding Palawan as the immaculate wonder it is today. He saw it was good—and the whole world seems to agree.



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