Beaches in Mindanao to Add to Your Itinerary

Mindanao isn’t as popular as a beach destination compared to the provinces of Luzon and Visayas. However, this works in favor of the region as the developments are few and scattered, giving the beaches an idyllic atmosphere that some places have lost because of fast and sprawling development.

Best Spots to Snorkel in Visayas

The islands that comprise Visayas are beautiful. The provinces have diverse marine ecosystems that can rival those in other countries. For those who don’t have the budget or simply don’t want to scuba dive, you can explore and discover these just by snorkeling. Some spots provide you with glimpses of

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Best Places to Snorkel in Luzon

The beaches in the Philippines have different types of sand, from silvery white to golden brown to black, and have some of the clearest and bluest waters you’ll see. However, the destinations you go to aren’t just about what’s on the surface. Once you dive into the glass-like waters, you’ll

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