7 Tourist Spots for Your CAGAYAN ITINERARY

Cagayan is a region that has rugged but stunning landscapes, pristine beaches and, in some cases, a middle-of-nowhere ambiance that makes it an ideal getaway destination. It also has a rich cultural heritage with a number of old churches. The easiest way to reach this destination is to take a direct flight to Tuguegarao City from Manila. You also have the option to take the longer route, which is by bus. The travel time is approximately 12 hours one way.
If you’re planning to visit the region, here are some of the things to do and places of interest.

Visit Callao Cave

This cave is a famous attraction for both locals and tourists. Its chambers are massive, and you’ll feel like a dwarf once you walk inside. You’ll see the rugged beauty of Mother Nature when you explore. You’ll see all sorts of formations inside that take on different shapes. There is a chamber called the ‘Chapel’ which is a section of the cave that has been turned into a cathedral. The best time to visit is when the sun is at its peak. During this time, you’ll see light dramatically fall into the cave through a wide opening. There’s an entrance fee of P20. Callao Cave is accessible by private and public transportation.


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Palaui Island-hopping Escapade

This popular beach destination is within the confines of Sta. Ana, located in the northeastern part of Luzon. To reach the jump-off point from Tuguegarao City, board a bus or van bound for Sta. Ana. The trip takes about three hours and costs approximately P250. Once in town, get on a tricycle going to San Vicente Port; this will cost P15. Here you’ll find boats to take you island-hopping or just go to a specific destination for a fee. A combo trip going to Crocodile Island, Punta Verde, Anguib Beach, and Cape Engaño costs around P3500. This boat can accommodate up to 8 people. The lowest rate offered is P500 for short rides to Crocodile Island or Pugo Moro. Some places may cost up to P1800 because of their distance

The trip will take you to beaches with powdery, bleach-white sand, azure waters, and beautiful views. Go walking or jogging along the shore. Dip in the waters to cool off, work on your tan, take several photos or just chill. The landscapes characterized by rolling hills, rugged rock formations and coves are all stunning.


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Pinacanauan River Boating Experience

This river plays an important role in the lives of the locals as its water is used for irrigation. This is also where you can go boating during your visit. Wait until the day is about to end to board a boat and go for a ride. This is when you’ll see several bats blotting out parts of the sky. After seeing the bats take flight, enjoy the scenic trip through a lush forest.


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Jump into the Waters of Blue Waterfalls

This stunning waterfall located in Baggao is the perfect place to cool off in. It takes around two hours of trekking to reach this attraction, but it is worth the effort. Blue Falls stays true to its name because of the color of its water. Wash off the sweat and douse the heat by jumping into its cool lagoon.


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Cross the Buntun Bridge

This bridge, stretching from Tuguegarao to Solano and measures around 1360m, is one of the longest river bridges in the country. It cuts through rice paddies and plains with views of the mountains in the distance. You can jog through or walk from one end to the other while taking in the beautiful surroundings.


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Explore Sierra Cave

For those who are more adventurous, Sierra Cave is a good alternative to Callao Cave. The narrow paths require some agility – you might have to crawl or duck walk in some parts – to navigate and get through. Inside you’ll see nature’s subterranean wonders that take on various shapes and sizes. Use your imagination to project a particular image.


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Drop by the Tuguegarao Cathedral

This church has a long history that dates back to Spanish times. Its baroque design is beautiful and makes it stand out. Its interior is just as stunning as its exterior. Drop by for a while to take photos, pray or just rest before continuing to other parts of the province.


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Where to Stay in Cagayan

Tuguegarao City provides the most options for those who want to spend the night or so in the province. You’ll have budget and pricey accommodations in different parts of the city. It is also a transportation center to other provinces or barangays within the province’s confines. You can easily find transport to Sta. Ana town and port if you’re planning to go island hopping in Palaui.

Camping is an option for adventure seekers. Punta Verde is an island in Palaui where you can pitch a tent and stargaze at night. Bring your own equipment, if you don’t want to pay extra to rent one. Bring enough food and water for the duration of your stay.

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