10 Tourist Spots for Your CAPIZ ITINERARY

Capiz is located on Panay Island and is a possible gateway to Boracay in the north. The province is often overlooked, but for those that make it their destination, they are rewarded with a chill ambiance and pristine natural attractions. Capiz was one of the first few settlements of the Spaniards that landed in the Philippines. Roxas City, where there are many direct flights coming from Manila, is the gateway to this destination. You can also transit via Kalibo or Iloilo City and take the bus or van to Roxas City. If you’re planning a trip to Capiz, here are some places of interest and things to do.

Drop by the Manuel Roxas Shrine

While in the province, make sure to visit the ancestral home of former President Roxas. His house is recognized as a National Historical Shrine. It is well-preserved and has some interesting stories to tell about the man himself. Take pictures and learn more about the man who grew up to become one of the leaders of the country.

Hangout at Baybay Beach

Baybay Beach is near Roxas City and is accessible by public transport. This destination is popular with both visitors and locals. You will see kids, teenagers, families, and couples taking a leisurely walk, jogging or even swimming throughout the day. Do the same or grab a bite in one of the seaside restaurants. This is also a good place to watch the sunset.

Eat and Eat Seafood

One of Capiz’s nicknames is “seafood capital of the Philippines” because its waters are overflowing with fish and other sea creatures locals catch, sell, and eat. While here, get platefuls of fish, shrimp, and others from a variety of restaurants scattered all over the province. Seafood is cheaper here compared to Metro Manila and bigger cities because it comes straight from the source.

Go on a River Cruise

Book a river cruise for a relaxing couple of hours during your visit to Capiz. This activity will take you through mangrove forests and the idyllic countryside along the river. You can tour the Culajao Mangrove Eco-Park, Palina Greenbelt or the Cadimahan Libotong. You also have choices on how you want to enjoy the cruising experience. You can try fishing, get a massage or foot spa, eat seafood and/or listen to local musicians serenade your group with folk songs.

Visit the Roxas Cathedral

This beautiful church has a history that dates back to the 1870s. It has undergone maintenance work and some reconstructions over the years to restore and maintain its former beauty. Take photos or go inside to hear mass, say your prayers or go to confession.

Sta. Monica Church and the Big Bell

The Visayas doesn’t seem to run out of beautiful old churches, and the Sta. Monica Church also known as Pan-ay Church is one of those beauties. This baroque-influenced Spanish era structure is now a National Historical Landmark because of its significance. Go inside to make an offering, say a short prayer for your loved ones and – if you’re here during a Sunday – stay for mass.

Just a few meters away from the church is the Big Bell, also known as the Dakong Linganay. This huge bell weighs around 10 tons and was made from donated coins in the late 1870s.

See the Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This giant statue measuring just over 130 feet finished construction in 2015. This sits atop a hill towering over its surroundings. You will find a church at its base where you can attend mass, say a prayer, contemplate, or light a couple of candles. The area also has stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the city below.

Chill on Olotayan Island

After exploring the attractions in the city and nearby towns, get on a boat and travel to Olotayan Island. This idyllic beach getaway has a whitish shore, swaying coconut trees and azure waters – all of which make for a chill and relaxing day out. Go swimming, get a tan, have a friendly conversation with locals, play volleyball or just go exploring.

Go Caving

Located in Dumalag, Suhot Cave has a system of chambers that you can explore. Just outside of it is a spring. Make like a spelunker and explore this subterranean wonder.

Chase a Waterfall

Malinamon Falls is an attraction you may also want to add to your itinerary. You will need to go hiking for a while before reaching this beautiful waterfall. Rest assured, however, that the effort it takes to reach this destination is worth it. You need to make prior arrangements through the tourism office before going.

Where to Stay in Capiz

Capiz is an accessible province because of the direct flights to it. Those who are planning to spend the night (or two) here, your ideal base is Roxas City. The city is a transportation hub with many buses and vans going to various towns and nearby provinces. You will also find more restaurant and food options here. When it comes to accommodations, you will have more options across the budget spectrum.

For those looking for a place to stay near the beach, there are resorts near Baybay Beach. The area is easily accessible by public transportation from Roxas City so you won’t have a problem getting in and out. If you haven’t booked yet, here are some of the best hotels as rated by Agoda users (as of January 2019).

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