9 Tourist Spots for Your RIZAL ITINERARY

Rizal is near Metro Manila, and its proximity has made it a popular weekend, day trip or vacation destination. The mountains surrounding it, the waterfalls and the rivers coursing through it, has given the province many natural wonders worth discovering. This destination is also easily accessible by public transportation from Manila. There are many buses and vans that go in and out of the area. Trip times vary depending on where you’re going and the traffic. If you’re planning a trip to Rizal, here are some of the things to do and places of interest.

Daranak Falls


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This waterfall in Tanay is probably the top-of-mind destination for many who hear ‘Rizal.’ This 14m high fall has a natural pool and picturesque views. If it doesn’t rain, the water of the pool is a distinct blue. Take the plunge and douse the afternoon heat after taking a few pictures. You can have snacks and drinks here, but make sure to leave no trace.

Visit the Bahay na Bato


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This ‘House of Stone’ (English translation) is a relic of the province’s Spanish colonial past. This destination is a photography hotspot because of its lost-in-time feel and appearance. It has survived for more than a century, a testament to the ingenuity of its builders and architects, and the materials used to make it. You can go inside for a quick tour to see what its interior looks like.

Calinawan Cave


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See the underground beauty of Rizal with a visit to Calinawan Cave. Many say the cave’s chambers used to be where Kaitpuneros met and agreed to rebel against the Spanish government in the Philippines. This is not just a tourist attraction but also a historical destination. Imagine how the rebels discussed freedom and independence as you take the same steps they took inside. The rock formations are stunning and take on various shapes.

See the Petroglyphs

These ancient carvings in Angono-Binangonan are a Natural Cultural Treasure. A trip here will provide you with a glimpse of the country’s ancient past, a time even before the Spaniards arrived. There is a viewing deck where you can look at the petroglyphs that resemble various animals and even people.

Go on an Adventure in Tinipak

Rizal’s rugged landscape is beautiful one of its more popular natural attractions is Tinipak River. The river has boulders of various sizes jutting out from its surface. You can navigate the rapids riding a canoe to reach a cave. Tinipak River is also one of the cleanest waterways in the country.

Drop by the Angono Mural Street

The town of Angono in Rizal is recognized as the “Art Capital of the Philippines”. It has earned this moniker because of the many artists and museums found in the province. One place you shouldn’t miss while here is Angono Mural Street. Here you will find street art based on Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s well-known artworks. The lane has depictions of life in provincial towns, and the rich heritage and history of the country.

Treasure Mountain

You may have seen pictures of the famous “Sea of Clouds” in Mt. Pulag or have been there yourself. You know the effort, money, and time required to reach the peak and see this beautiful view. You don’t have to venture too far or spend hours just to see this in Treasure Mountain. This mountain in Tanay, Rizal is accessible by private vehicle and has a small store and basic accommodation. Just take a short walk to the viewpoint and you’ll see the glorious “Sea of Clouds.”

Masungi Georeserve


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This georeserve has steadily gained popularity over the years. This comes as no surprise because of its sheer rugged beauty. Located in Baras, Rizal this park is where you can go hiking and do other exciting activities such as walking on a hanging bridge, rope ladders, and trekking. The biggest draw of this attraction is the web-like net hanging over the stunning limestone formations.

Pinto Art Museum

This art enclave in Antipolo is an instagrammable museum with a garden, statues, and other artworks. The simple yet elegant white paint, aged, windows, and doors along with the art scattered in different places create a distinct ambiance that will keep you coming back. Many people visit just to have photoshoots for their social media accounts, wedding, or engagement.

Where to Stay in Rizal

Rizal is an accessible province, especially if you’re coming from Metro Manila. Many just do day trips because of its proximity, but for those that plan to stay, there are many accommodations to choose from. Antipolo has a number of hotels and resorts where you can stay from budget to luxurious. You can reach some of these by private or public transportation.

Tanay is another option for those looking for a place to stay in Rizal. Here you will find plenty of hotels and guesthouses. You can also find many buses, jeeps, and vans passing by, which makes getting to this destination easy. There are also campsites in the mountains and parks for visitors who want to not just save money, but rough it out.

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