6 Tourist Spots for Your BUKIDNON ITINERARY

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Bukidnon isn’t your typical Philippine destination. It doesn’t have beaches, lagoons or stunning underwater ecosystems, but it is unique because its main draw is its rugged beauty of rolling hills, fetching landscapes and mountains. This province offers a ton of adventure for those who make the trip. There is no direct flight to here so you will have to transit via Cagayan de Oro City or Davao – the relatively close provinces to it. From either place, there are vans and buses that go to Bukidnon’s capital Malaybalay or pass by some of its towns. If you’re planning to visit, here are some of the things to do and places of interest.

Go on a Day Trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park

If you arrive at CDO City, you can easily reach Dahilayan Adventure Park. The park is one of the most popular attractions in Bukidnon. Located at the base of the Kitanglad Mountain Range, this is an ideal place to breathe in the cool, fresh air and enjoy nature. The park has walking trails for those who want to go jogging or on relaxing strolls. There are benches where you can sit down and read or just rest.

Dahilayan is also an adrenaline junkie’s playground because of the extreme activities you can do while here. Go on the zipline and fly through the air or get pumped up falling several feet high by trying the Drop Zone. Ride an ATV to explore the park or roll around in a Zorb – a giant orb made of transparent plastic. You can also spend the night here at the resort.

Vertical Bivouac

If you are looking for an exciting activity, spend a night or two on a cliff. This adventure will push you to your limits and lets you face your fears. You have to earn the views and the sleep you will get by ascending a cliffside for up to four hours depending on your pace. You will use a single rope technique to go up. Once you reach the campsite, a safety harness will be wrapped around your body before you tuck in. Get bird’s eye views of the rugged landscape, soak it all in and take several pictures before eating. The mist-wrapped mountains and hills will greet you early in the morning. After the day’s activity, you will then descend the same way you got up.

Experience Kaamulan Festival

Bukidnon has a rich cultural heritage that makes it unique. To experience this, visit the province during the Kaamulan Festival. The festivities take place around late March until the middle of April. There are parades where locals wear colorful traditional clothes and showcase their tribe’s history and distinct culture. Kaamulan got its name from the Binukid word “amul” which means “to gather.” This is when the Talaandig, Tigwahanon, Higaonon, Matigsalug, Bukidnon, Umayamnon and Manobo come together and celebrate. There’s plenty of dancing, markets, fanfare, and festivities marking the special event.

Explore the Great Outdoors in Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park

Bukidnon is an outdoorsy adventurer’s dream destination because of the mountains and parks they can enjoy exploring. Mt. Kitanglad is a sprawling reserve that has trails for day trippers and those who have time to go on a multi-day trip. If you have the chance to extensively explore this park, you will see various flora and fauna. Two popular hikes you can do are up Mt. Dulang-Dulang and Mt. Kitanglad. You can climb both or just one of the two in two to three days depending on your fitness level and pace. You have the option to book tours or go DIY.

Have a Relaxing Day by Checking Out Lake Apo

Go on a scenic drive to Valencia City and the countryside before stopping at Lake Apo. This lake is one of the cleanest in the region. Its placid emerald-tinged waters and surrounding trees create a relaxing and serene ambiance. This destination is perfect for those seeking a quiet place to de-stress and think about nothing. Ride a kayak to explore on your own or get on a floating cottage and enjoy the views.

Visit the Monastery of Transfiguration

This monastery designed by Leandro Locsin has an eye-catching design. Many locals go here for their engagement or wedding photo shoots or even hold their special day here. Stay for a while to reflect and relax before leaving.

Where to Stay in Bukidnon

For ideal places to stay in Bukidnon, one option to consider is Malaybalay City. The capital of the province has accommodations that would fit all types of budget. It is also a hub where jeeps and buses go to different towns or cross into nearby provinces. You’ll also find more options for dining and shopping while here.

You can also stay in Dahilayan Adventure Park. A resort and a restaurant are housed inside the park. Alternatively, there are campsites in the Kitanglad Nature Reserve for those who want to rough it out. Bring your own equipment and camping gear if you plan to do this. If you are curious, here are some of the best hotels in Bukidnon as reviewed by Agoda users (as of January 2019).

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