HOW TO GET TO SUBIC (From Manila, Clark, and Baguio)

Subic is a coastal town in Zambales. It is famous for its sand beaches that are facing Subic Bay. Subic Bay is also a popular diving site due to troves of relics from shipwrecks and colorful corals found in the bottom of the bay.

Aside from its beaches and resorts, there are a lot of activities and attractions that Subic also offers. Subic Free Zone has establishments that sell imported US goods. There are also casinos in the area and a golf course.

How to Get to Subic

From Manila

Subic is roughly around a two-and-a-half-hour ride from Manila. If you’re driving your own car or renting a vehicle for your trip, the travel time could only be two hours.


  1. From Balintawak interchange (North EDSA), drive through the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) to the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx).
  2. At the Balintawak Toll Plaza, pay and get your toll card.
  3. Continue driving to the Dau Toll Plaza at the end of NLEX. This takes about one hour and a half and around 71km from Balintawak Toll Plaza.
  4. Then, take SCTEx on the ramp at the right, about 3km from the toll plaza.
  5. Get your toll card at the SCTEx toll booth. Continue driving to the Tipo exit at the end of the SCTEX. This usually takes 40 minutes and a 57km-drive.
  6. Drive to the Subic-Tipo Highway toll booth (about 0.80km). Pay at the toll booth.
  7. Enter the Subic Bay Freeport through the customs booth to acknowledge the guard.

Trip Time: 2 hours.
Distance: 153km from EDSA Balintawak

Notes: Traffic rules in Subic should be strictly followed by all motorists inside the Subic Freeport Zone. They follow the “first to stop, first to go” rule. Each vehicle must make a full stop at all intersections. The first vehicle to make a full stop should be given the right to proceed.


  1. Buses that travel to Subic are Victory Liner and Saulog Transit. Victory Liner has terminals in Pasay City, Caloocan, Sampaloc, and Cubao. Victory Liner trips start at 4 A.M., available in one-hour intervals. Bus fare to Olangapo costs around P230-290 for both buses.
  2. Upon arriving at the Olongapo City Bus Terminal, you can reach Subic Bay by jeep. The city jeeps and tricycles are color-coded and have specific routes that go around Subic Bay. Check the different routes below:
    • Yellow: Sta.Rita/Pepsi to Main Gate
    • Red: Gordon Heights to Main Gate
    • Orange: Public Market to Pag-Asa
    • Brown: Cabalan to Public Market
    • Green: Mabauyan to Public Market
    • Blue- Public Market to Subic Town
  3. The Main Gate houses a terminal of buses that will take you to various destinations inside the Freeport. There are also coasters and minibusses available that can take you to your accommodations. Taxis are another option but they’re way more expensive than other public transportation.

From Clark


  1. Enter the SCTEx through Clark/Angeles Exit and continue driving north for about 57km (around 40 minutes).
  2. Drive all the way to the Tipo exit at the end of the SCTEX. This is a 57-km ride and takes about 40 minutes. Pay at the toll booth.
  3. Drive to the Subic-Tipo Highway exit (about 0.80km). Pay the toll.
  4. Enter the Subic Bay Freeport through the customs booth.


  1. From Clark International Airport, there are P2P Victory Liner buses that will take you directly to Subic. The first trip is at 3 AM and the last one is at 10:00 PM. The bus fare costs P250 and the last stop is at Olongapo.
  2. If you’re coming from Mabalacat bus terminal in Dau, there are hourly buses going to Olongapo/Subic. The journey takes around an hour. Cost is around P140 per way.

From Baguio


  1. From Baguio City, take Kennon Road and exit the roundabout onto Agoo – Baguio Road/Aspiras – Palispis Highway/Ben Palispis Highway.
  2. Continue driving for about 32km, then turn left onto Pugo-Rosario Road.
  3. Drive towards the direction of the Manila North Road.
  4. Continue driving for about half an hour, then enter the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEx) via the TPLEx Pozzorubio Toll Plaza
  5. Continue driving towards the direction of SCTEx (about 96km).
  6. Drive straight through SCTEx (about 64km).
  7. Exit SCTEx via Tipo Toll Plaza.
  8. Head towards the Subic-Tipo Highway exit (about 0.80km).
  9. Arrive at the Subic Bay Freeport through the customs booth.


  1. There are direct routes from Baguio to Olongapo via Victory Liner. Check the official website for the trip schedule.
  2. From Olongapo Bus Terminal, you can take a taxi, a jeepney or tricycle.

Where to Stay in Subic

Finding a place to stay in Subic will never be a problem for tourists. Subic has a string of hostels, hotels, and resorts that will fit any budget. Here is a list of accommodations we found in Agoda that you’d want to consider.

For more options, search here: Subic Resorts



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