HOW TO GET TO BATAAN (From Manila, Clark, and Baguio)

2019 • 07 • 04

Bataan is a Central Luzon province that has plenty to offer weekend warriors or those who want to take a longer vacation. It has beaches and historic and cultural attractions that will fill your itinerary. It also doesn’t draw huge crowds unlike many other popular tourist destinations in the country.

Las Casas is one of the most popular attractions of Bataan. A walk around will elicit a sense of nostalgia from you. You’ll see old traditional houses, kalesas and cobblestone streets. Weave in and out of the alleys to transport yourself into another epoch in Philippine history. You may also go to the town of Morong and stay in one of the resorts near the beach.

If you can’t get enough of the beach and sea, visit the famous Five Fingers Cove and Laki Beach. Muster enough courage to jump off a 40-feet high cliff at Nagbintana. Marvel at the rock formations and rugged landscape of Cochino’s Point, Horno’s Point, and Talaga Point. There are all-inclusive packages to Five Fingers.

While in the capital of Balanga, visit the Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga to see and feel the old-world charm of the city. Watch the light show and dancing fountains during your visit. Bataan is a historic destination where the Death March took place during World War II. Don’t forget to visit the Mount Samat Shrine to see World War II memorabilia and get overlooking views of the surroundings. The Pawikan Conservation Center is another place to include in your itinerary. The men and women here protect the turtle eggs until they hatch.

Bataan has other noteworthy attractions besides the ones mentioned above. The province is an accessible destination whether you go by public or private transportation. Here are some routes you may take.

How to Get to Bataan

From Manila

Bataan is easily accessible from Metro Manila because of the many buses that ply this route. Genesis and Bataan Transit are two popular options. You’ll find Bataan Transit’s terminals in Cubao and Avenida. The fare is around P200 and the trip may take up to three hours depending on traffic. Meanwhile, Genesis’s terminals are in Cubao and Pasay. The fare from Cubao costs P200 to Balanga and P290 to Mariveles.

You can also now travel by ferry from Manila to Bataan. This option provided by 1Bataan Integrated Transport Service significantly reduces travel time. The Manila terminal is in Esplanade Seaside Terminal in Mall of Asia and the port in Bataan is in Port Capinpin Orion. The one-way ticket costs P799 if you buy it at the terminal. Look for 1Bataan’s website to book online to get a discount. The trip takes approximately an hour. The ferry departing from Manila starts at 7:00 am and the other schedules are 12:00 nn and 6:00 pm during weekdays. The weekend ferry leaves at 7:00 am and 2:30 pm.

From Clark

Clark is gaining more traffic because of the increasing number of flights departing and arriving at its international airport. It also has attractions if you plan to do more than just a layover. Clark has an interesting history because it used to be one of the bases of the U.S. Army. It was chosen because of its strategic location. You’ll see vestiges of this when you explore the area and visit the museums. The 4D theater and Clark Museum are two stops you can squeeze in during a short detour before leaving.

For longer stays, Clark is a possible base for day trips to Mt. Pinatubo. The excursion begins with a 4×4 ride through a barren, lahar-ravaged landscape. You’ll then go on a scenic trek to the stunning crater lake.

After Clark, you can proceed to Bataan. It will take a few stops and changes, but will only take a few hours and doesn’t cost much. Your first stop is Dau Terminal. From here, board a Mabalacat City bus for around P40. From Mabalacat, get on a San Fernando, Pampanga-bound bus. The fare is approximately P80. Once in San Fernando, board a bus traveling to Balanga for around P220 to P310.

From Baguio

The City of Pines is a popular destination because of the cool weather and its cultural heritage. Some spots often included in itineraries are the BenCab Museum, Tam-Awan Village, Ifugao Woodcarvers’ Village, Stobosa Houses, Camp John Hay, and Burnham Park. After exploring Baguio, you can head straight to Bataan.

Genesis bus plies the route between Baguio City and Mariveles, Bataan. The fare is around P522 and travel time may take up to 7 hours or more. Look for the terminal near Governor Pack Road.

Where to Stay in Bataan

You’ll have several accommodation options during your trip to Bataan. If you want to be near the beach, look for a place to stay in Morong. There are many resorts either along the coast or in proximity to the shore. Balanga also has hotels for budget and luxury travelers. The Plaza is a popular choice for tourists. Las Casas is another option for visitors who want to experience and get a glimpse of Spanish times. If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, here are some of the best hotels in Bataan according to Agoda users, in no particular order.

For more options, search here: Bataan Hotels



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