10 Tourist Spots for Your BORACAY ITINERARY

Boracay has earned multiple best island awards from both local and international award-giving bodies. It comes as no surprise because it has one of the best sunsets, powdery, white sand and glistening turquoise waters. Boracay closed recently to rehabilitate, but it is now open to accommodate tourists again. There are several direct flights from Manila to either Kalibo or Caticlan.

If you decide to visit Boracay, here are some of the things to do and places to visit.

White Beach

This is the most popular and developed area of Boracay with many establishments near the shore. The beach stretches for a couple of kilometers across three stations. The accommodations and nearby restaurants vary in price – you’ll easily find one that fits your budget. Go beach-bumming, book an island-hopping tour, try scuba-diving, swim, and try other water sports from here.


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Watch the Iconic Sunset

Boracay became famous not just for its powdery, white sand beach, but also for its spectacular sunset. The hustle and bustle of White Beach grind to a halt even for just a few moments, when the sky turns from a light blue to a mix of deep red and orange. The silhouettes of the paraw boats and Willy’s Rock in the foreground create a beautiful view. Sit down by the beach with a drink in hand or have dinner in one of the restaurants.


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Puka Beach

If you want to get away from the crowds in White Beach, Puka is the place to go. Its shore may not have the fine, white sand of its more famous counterpart, but it makes up for it with picturesque views of the beach and sea. Go early so that you can relax, enjoy and take leisurely strolls along the shore. This is the place to try skim-boarding because of the swells.


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Bulabog Beach

The beach is nothing spectacular, Bulabog‘s main draw is the winds and swells ideal for kite-surfing. You’ll see many kite surfers flying through the air or riding a wave honing their skills or just learning the sport. Try this activity while in Boracay to do something different and new.


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Magic Island

Adrenaline junkies will enjoy a trip to Magic Island. The island has cliffs with varying heights depending on how courageous you are, the highest of which is around 9m high. There is an entrance fee of approximately P150+++ that includes unlimited cliff dives. You need to rent or bring your own gear if you want to do other activities.


Boracay is no different from the other famous destinations in the country wherein island hopping is a popular activity. The usual rate is approximately P1500. The stops often include the beaches of Lapus-Lapus, Ilig-Iligan and Puka along with Crocodile Island, Magic Island and Crystal Cove. Tour operators do a mix of the mentioned places. Ask about the inclusions if there is a destination you really want to visit. Relax and unwind on the beaches, sunbathe and wade in the aquamarine waters. Oh, if you want to go snorkeling, Crocodile Island provides you with one of the best snorkeling spots in Boracay.


If snorkeling isn’t enough for you, then it’s time to dive. Underneath Boracay’s crystalline waters is a bustling and thriving ecosystem teeming with marine life. When you go diving, you’ll see eye-catching corals and different fish species. The price for this activity is around P3000+++ for a “discover scuba-diving” for beginners and P1800+++ for a fun dive. The best time to go is from April to June. This is when underwater visibility can reach up to 50m in some areas.


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Become a Mermaid for a Day

One of the unique experiences to consider while in Boracay is to become a mermaid for a day. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy offers lessons on how to pose and swim like the mythical creature. Classes cost approximately P2400 which includes lessons on how you can use the tail properly. Make a fantasy come true by trying this one of a kind activity.


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Mount Luho

This mountain isn’t Mt. Apo, but as the highest point on the island, it is a good spot to get overlooking views of the ocean and beaches. It’s an easy hour or so walk (depending on how fast you’re going) to reach the viewing platform. There’s an entrance fee of approximately P50. Alternatively, you can rent an ATV to reach the top.


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Diniwid Beach

Spend a day chilling in Diniwid Beach after a couple of days trying different activities and exploring the island’s attractions. Enjoy by swimming or just lazing on the shore while you sunbathe.


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Where to Stay in Boracay

Boracay underwent massive development over the years. It has turned into a tourist hub (some would say it’s a trap) with all sorts of accommodations across the budget spectrum. Most visitors stay around the three stations. Station 1 has many luxurious resorts where you can splurge and enjoy world-class services and facilities. Stations 2 and 3 have some high-end resorts, but this is the area where mid-priced and budget hostels and hotels are also found. Here are some of the top resorts in Boracay as rated by Agoda users.

For more options, search here: Boracay Hotels



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