HIKING MT. PINATUBO with Steve Miller

2014 • 07 • 29

Two decades after its catastrophic eruption, Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales has risen from the ashes and now attracts adventure seekers who dare to discover the breathtaking landscapes the eruption left behind. Steve Miller, who is known as the QiRanger in the World Wide Web, is one of these daredevils. He recently flew in to the Philippines and came to conquer the volcano’s crater lake.

The QiRanger’s Pinatubo exploration started just before daybreak at the base camp where the 4×4’s they hopped into were a delightful surprise. The jeeps cruised through the muddy and rocky terrain where the views Steve captured in his camera were simply spectacular.

The fun continues as his group hiked up to the crater lake. What Steve saw on top of the volcano completely blew him away—no, we’re not talking about the strong winds that greeted them. Check out the quirky QiRanger’s Pinatubo hike in this video:



  1. Joseph says:

    Nice…I want to go there also…I don’t like to much sun…if I will go there..what is the best month to go…?july is ok..and who can I contact or tour guide if I have a plan to go ?please reply asap..tnx

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