VIDEO: Wonderful Philippines as Captured Using an iPhone 6!

2014 • 11 • 23

The Philippines is the selfie capital of the world! And why not? With countless wonderful destinations that could serve as the perfect backdrop, no other country can make you whip out that phone and capture that perfect selfie!

Globe has recently uploaded a travel video promoting the Philippines. If our memory serves us right, this is the first time the telco dives into the thematic travel territory. There is no hard-sell in the video, just pure fun and wonder. It captures many destinations that Manila, Bohol, and the Ilocos Region have to offer.

But that’s not the best part. The most wonderful thing about this 1-minute video is: It was shot ENTIRELY using a Globe iPhone 6 Plus!

Globe also did not tap any famous celebrity in the video. Instead, they enlisted the help of travel blogger and photographer Hannah Reyes, who is also a National Geographic Young Explorer, and the country’s very first astronaut, Chino Roque.



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