Escape to Atulayan Island, Camarines Sur

Atulayan Island in Camarines Sur may not be a familiar beach destination but it is never short of that blissful island indulgence beach bums look for. It lies on the district of Partido Riviera, that side of Bicol where the land, sea and sky meet.

Atulayan is a snail-shaped island blessed with 4 coves edged by fine white sand. There are no resorts and no beach parties, but there are plenty of open spaces for solitude. There are no secrets in Atulayan, but those who have come discovered a lot.

Escape now.

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How to get to Atulayan Island: From Manila, fly or take the bus to Naga City, Camarines Sur. At SM, take the van to Tigaon Crossing, then tricycle to Nato Port in Sangay.

You can negotiate for a boat with local fishermen in the area. At a small fishing village outside the port, there are boats that can take you to Atulayan Island for P700.

See full story here –> Escape to Atulayan Island by Potpot Pinili



  1. Hilda Camacho says:

    Ive been there already,its Atulayan Island,we called it Mini boracay coz of the Same white Sand and Really beautiful place,..

  2. Jon Eades says:

    Bicol is the most underestimated destination once you have tried it you will forget barocay and cebu promise

  3. Eiwoj Avon says:

    Madami talagang isla sa CamSur na magaganda, Hindi lng kase ganu napapakita, lalo na sa Garchitorena area..

  4. Edgar C Gumabon says:

    We used to visit the area during my childhood..just a “distance (?) from Naga” Pax….

  5. Dave General says:

    This is one of my favorite places to escape to. From the island, you can also hire a fisherman to take you trawling a handline for dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), talakitok or even sailfish. I’ve landed 2 7-kg dolphin fish there.

  6. Fred Estrada says:

    promo will boost our tourism industry,do you have any promo to attract our tourist,be creative

  7. Steve says:

    Aye Nako–I miss the PI. Tell Duterte to open it up please. I have been to many places in this world, none more maganda nor masaya than Atulayan.

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