Kabila Beach, Quezon: Important Tips

The province of Quezon is no stranger to island paradises and pristine white-sand beaches. But for those looking to stray a bit from the well-trodden path, the town of Alabat is at your service. Located on the eponymous finger-shaped island, right on the heart of Lamon Bay, the town of

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Video: Real Friendships in Real, Quezon

“You’re lucky enough to find forever in friendship and blessed when it became your family.” This was how Abby Malicdem described her relationship with her closest travel buddies. Abby and friends recently celebrated 10 years of being together and it was but fitting to hold their commemoration of real camaraderie

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Polillo Island in Quezon

Polillo is not the familiar party island nor does it have the usual glitzy resort comfort. But this tropical oasis on the northeastern side of Quezon Province offers an escape into an island that promises restorative vacation.