VIDEO: Cody Mafatu in Rainy Manila

2014 • 06 • 02

Hawaiian adventurer and world traveler Cody Mafatu Easterbrook set foot on the Philippines a few years ago and found a “very wet” Manila! It was the middle of the monsoon season and there was a big flood when he arrived that he couldn’t make it to his hostel. Fortunately, he met a local who took him in for the night and toured him around the next morning.

Here’s what he was able to document!

“Despite the rains, the city is still very much alive,” he shared. He visited a lively local market, played with kids, and enjoyed some banana cue (candied bananas)! He also headed to Anilao, Batangas the following day.

“Any traveler who has been here will tell you that it is the people and their culture that makes the Philippines unique,” he added.



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