Cebu is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines; there are plenty of things to do and places to visit for all types of travelers. There are beautiful beaches, waterfalls, delicious food, and historical and cultural attractions. For those who want to try something different (other than beach bumming and swimming) diving is an activity you can consider doing.

The province has a vibrant and thriving underwater ecosystem that can rival those in other countries and the best spots in the Philippines. For those who want to go scuba diving, here are some of the diving destinations to add to your itinerary.

Pescador Island

Located in Moalboal’s municipality, Pescador Island is famous for the sardine run; do a quick search and you’ll see fantastic pictures of the fish forming irregular-shaped or tornado-like formations underwater. Other than the sardines, this is also a good place to go scuba diving. You can see a depth of up to 30m to 40m. As you explore its ecosystem, you’ll see a variety of colorful corals, lionfish, turtles, anemones, and other species.

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Mactan Island

This diving destination is just a couple of kilometers from mainland Cebu. The spots surrounding Mactan include Nalusuan and Olango just to name two; there are other noteworthy spots as well. The different dive spots have visibility of up to 100m and depths of about 180ft. Depending on which areas you go diving, you’ll see various underwater creatures like Moorish idols, lionfish, batfish, tunas, colorful corals, surgeonfish, and others.

Capitancillo Island

This diving destination is in Bogo, Northern Cebu. The surrounding waters of the island have a thriving and vibrant underwater ecosystem good for diving. The site has a depth of approximately 50ft and has a visibility of up to 30m. Some of the highlights of exploring this spot include various types and colors of corals, pelagic creatures of varying sizes, different sorts of reef fish, and if you’re lucky, you might see some reef sharks.

Tongo Point

This dive site is part of Moalboal’s southern region. The diving depth of this destination is up to around 55m, but most only at a depth of 20m. The wall dive provides divers with a diverse range of sea creatures; you may see turtles, barracudas, seahorses, crustaceans and other fish species during your trip. The caves you’ll see become colorful with hard and soft corals, and vibrantly tinged sponges.


Located in the Olango Channel, this is a dive spot for the skilled and experienced. The currents in the area are strong and may drag inexperienced divers. However, for those who want to push their limits and see more of Cebu’s beautiful underwater ecosystems, Kansantik is a noteworthy addition to your diving itinerary. Some of the things you’ll see include snappers, sponges, and a variety of stony, whip and soft corals, just to name a few.

Monad Shoal

Malapascua is a renowned destination because of the thresher sharks you’ll see. Diving in Monad Shoal provides you the opportunity to see this shark species. Threshers are prevalent in this part of Malapascua because this is the place where they can get a good cleaning from cleaner fish. You’ll normally see the sharks at depths of about 20m and deeper. Other than the sharks, you may also see manta, eagle and devil rays during the right season.

Gato Island

This is a famous destination because of the variety you’ll see. Gato Island is a combination of a handful of other dive sites such as whitetip alley, guardhouse, cave, cathedral, and nudibranch city. Some of the sea creatures you’ll get the opportunity of seeing include scorpion fish, sea snakes, seahorses, and a variety of sharks such as cat, bamboo and whitetip species. This is an unforgettable dive spot and you’d want to keep coming back for more or stay longer because of the diverse ecosystem you’ll see and experience. You’ll need multiple dives to cover most of the spots, if not all, during your stay in Malapascua.

Lapus Lapus

This dive site has beautiful corals that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. As you explore and go deeper, you’ll see different types of hard and soft coral. The sea creatures you may discover include lionfish, frogfish, shrimps, and crabs, to name some.

Chocolate Island

This is another dive site in Malapascua. You’ll see a variety of soft corals during your trip. A variety of sea creatures call the coral garden their home; some of what you’ll see include snake and moray eels, batfish, cuttlefish, and others. You’ll also see cowries, nudibranchs, and shrimps in the excursion. If you’re into macro underwater photography, this is the place to go to.

Sunken Island

If you can’t get enough of diving while in Moalboal and have the experience, Sunken Island is a possible scuba destination. The site is shelter to a variety of sea creatures such as sponges, jacks, lionfish, frogfish, barracudas, gorgonians, and many more. If you’re lucky, you might see some sharks swimming about.

These are just some of the diving destinations you can go to during your trip to Cebu. The province has more in store for those who want to discover its underwater wonders. If you miss out on some of the spots, then there’s a reason to return.

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