HOW TO GET TO BANTAYAN (From Mactan Cebu Airport, Dumaguete, and Bohol)

2019 • 04 • 23

Bantayan Island is a coastal community found at the northernmost part of the province of Cebu. The island has three municipalities; Bantayan, Madridejos, and Santa Fe. Most tourists come to Bantayan for its fine, white sand (not as fine as Boracay’s, but definitely less touristy) and relaxing ambiance that is perfect for a long weekend trip or a day trip during your Cebu exploration.

How to Get to Bantayan

From Mactan Cebu Airport

If you’re as rich as the protagonists in the film “Camp Sawi” then, by all means, take a chopper! It’s the fastest and most convenient way to reach Bantayan Island. But for those like us who are mere employees, here are ways on how to get to Bantayan Island from Cebu.

  1. From the Mactan Cebu Airport, you can ride the P2P bus (myBus) going to the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City. The P2P bus starts operating from 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM with a 30-minute interval for each ride. Fare is P25. If you’re arriving earlier or later than these scheduled trips, you can also take a cab or book a Grab car service going to the North Bus Terminal.
  2. Upon arrival at the North Bus Terminal, look for the Ceres Bus bound for Hangnaya Port. Take this bus that will bring you to your jump-off point to Bantayan Island. Travel time will take around 4 hours and the fare is at P165. You can also take the direct bus that will arrange your ferry ride from Hagnaya to Bantayan. But, taking the bus and boarding the ferry on your own is recommended because it’s faster.
  3. At the Hagnaya Port, get your tickets for the Island Shipping or Super Shuttle Ferry that will take you to the Santa Fe Port. The first ferry usually leaves at 3:00 AM, and the last ferry leaves at 5:30 PM. Travel time is around an hour and costs P170 plus P10 for the terminal fee.
  4. When you reach the Santa Fe Port, it’s time to walk toward the Tourism Office where you’ll have to pay the ecological fee (P30). Afterward, take a tricycle going to your resort or hotel. Fare is around P20-25. Before arriving on the island, you can also ask your resort if they have a shuttle going to their property to have a more convenient ride.

From Dumaguete

If you’re coming from the City of Gentle People Dumaguete, here are ways to reach Bantayan Island.


By air, you can reach Cebu City from Dumaguete City in about 50 minutes. Cebu Pacific is currently the only local airline that flies this direct route, once daily. You can check the schedule on their website. After arriving at the Mactan Cebu Airport, you can follow the directions we mentioned above (How to get from Mactan Cebu Airport to Bantayan Island).


If you prefer to take the longer land route which can take 8 to 9 hours of land travel from Dumaguete-Cebu City- Bantayan Island. You can follow these directions:

  1. From Sibulan Port in Dumaguete, board the ferry going to Bato (Santander).
  2. From Bato, you can take the yellow Ceres Bus that will take you to Cebu City and drop you off at the South Cebu Terminal. The travel time is three (3) hours.
  3. From the bus terminal, you can either take a cab or Grab going to the North Bus Terminal. Look for the Ceres bus that will take you to Hagnaya Port. The travel time is four (4) hours.
  4. From the Hagnaya Port, you can take the ferry going to Santa Fe Port. Then, approach the Tourism Office to pay for the ecological fee (P30). You can now take a tricycle or your resort’s shuttle to reach your accommodation.

From Bohol

  1. If you’re coming from Bohol, you can reach Bantayan Island in 5-6 hours. First, take the fast ferry at Tagbilaran Port Going to Cebu. The most popular ferry companies are Ocean Jet and SuperCat/2Go. You’ll reach the port of Cebu in roughly two (2) hours. They have hourly schedules for the Tagbilaran-Cebu route and the fare costs around P500 for tourist class and P1,000 for business class. A 25-peso terminal fee will also be collected.
  2. Upon arrival at the port of Cebu, you can either take a taxi or book a Grab to reach the North Bus Terminal. Find the Ceres bus going to Hagnaya Port.
  3. Then, board the ferry at Hagnaya port that will take you to the port of Santa Fe.
  4. From there, you can take a tricycle to your accommodation or wait for your resort’s shuttle.

Where to Stay in Bantayan Island

There is a wide range of accommodations that you can choose from in Bantayan Island. Here’s a list of top and highly recommended resorts as rated by Agoda users.

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