QUICK GUIDE: Chadpidan Boulder Beach in Basco, Batanes

2014 • 03 • 20

Valugan isn’t the only boulder beach in Batanes. On the western edge of Batan Island is its twin, Chadpidan Beach. Like Valugan, it is filled with boulders that were spewed by the nearby Mt. Iraya centuries ago and were eventually polished and smoothed by the tides and the monstrous waves of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Chadpidan means “west” in the Ivatan language; Valugan means “east.”

Material/Type: Boulder beach

Nearest airport: Basco Airport

How to get there: Chadpidan Beach is just a tricycle or motorcycle ride away from Basco Airport or town proper. Bicycles are also available. This may also be included in some North Batan tours. Simply tell your guide that you want to see Chadpidan Beach too.

Tour: Batan Island North (P1000 by tricycle, good for 2 pax)

Don’t miss: It is a great spot to see the glorious Batanes sunset.

Don’t forget: Trekking shoes. Exploring North Batan in flip flops is possible but walking/trekking shoes make the trip much more comfortable.

If you have more time: See the other tourist spots in North Batan (Basco) including Naidi Hills, Vayang Rolling Hills, Tukon and Valugan Beach.

Where to stay: Troy Lodge (at the Basco town proper) offers affordable rooms at P700 per night. You may reach them at +63 938 976 223.

Chadpidan Beach as seen from Vayang Rolling Hills
Chadpidan Beach as seen from Vayang Rolling Hills



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