CAMAYA COAST: 6 Reasons Why You Must Visit This Place

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Tucked away about 170 kilometers away from the Metro is Mariveles, Bataan. It is home to different spots that are now being noticed by tourists. Adventure haven is found in this not-so quaint town. A major climb for the hiking enthusiasts, the famous Tarak Ridge is found here, known for its breathtaking views with luscious greens all around the trail. For those who are not up for the major hike, there is Sisiman Cove, which is perfect for the one who likes to peek into the bird’s eye view of Mariveles, yet can’t afford to use all the energy for a major hike. Some even comment that it is like the rolling hills found in Batanes.

Aside from these mountainside outdoor adventures, there are also beaches that serve as a refresher in this heat both for the locals and the visitors looking for a buck to their dime. Kept from the eyes of most, about 5 kilometers away from the national road lies Camaya Coast Resort.

Recently, this resort has been gaining attention because of its white sand. I went there with my friends just recently to see for myself what the hype is all about. The resort is reached either via land travel for about 5 hours, or via sea travel for about 3 hours from Manila. There are daily rate packages for ferries that leave from Manila at Seaside Boulevard near Mall of Asia.

The Resort

We arrived at the resort at about lunchtime; it was still very hot, so we figured we could grab lunch first, since we were also very hungry from the 5-hour land trip. Food isn’t allowed inside because there are establishments all over the premise, so we chose one of the restaurants which we think could satiate our cravings and satisfy our hunger. After eating what seemed to be a king’s meal, we looked for a table to place our things (non-valuable ones) and then went right into the water.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, perfect for chilling. The waters were also in our favor because it was cool, such a good treat for our tired bodies. The white sand is fine, not as exquisite as Boracay’s, but it’s fine. There are benches and umbrellas available, but limited. If you don’t feel like plunging into the waters, you can still chill by the beach and admire its view.

I am now starting to see why this place has been steadily attracting travelers, and here are the reasons why:

1. You will never go hungry.

For sure! Food establishments are everywhere! From your chicken and other Filipino cravings to your love for pizza, even to your French fries life, you’re sure to find the place to satiate that. There is even a coffee shop right in front of the beach for those coffee addicts that can’t function without their dose of caffeine. All these while listening to a live band serenading you. A complete package for your chill weekend vibe, right?


2. There are inflatables!

Ever heard of the famous inflatables in Subic? Camaya has their own version too. Although it’s not as huge as and as many as the ones in Subic, jumping up and down from the inflatables is still a fun activity to do. There are three different stations wherein you can either jump, slide or just let yourself slip anywhere to be tossed to the ocean.


3. They have an infinity pool.

After all the beach bumming, tossing, and bouncing that we could in the ocean, we went to the infinity pool to chill. There were three tiers — one small jacuzzi-like pool and then two large oval pools in a cascade. All of which are very warm, soothing us while we enjoy the cool breeze. The infinity pool is such a nice answer to the chills. Plus the view of the sunset from the pool is divine.


4. Your things are safe.

The resort offers both day tour and overnight getaways, so if you’re only staying for the day and didn’t rent out a cabana, tables are free to use. But what about your valuables when you go swimming? Fret not, they have lockers for whole-day rent. For a minimal amount, you can stow your valuable belongings in lockers, and you only have to keep the key with you. Of course, just make sure you don’t lose it.


5. The staff are friendly.

When we arrived, we had a bit of a difficulty trying to find the right spot because all the tables close to the shades of the trees were already taken. An accommodating staff approached us and helped us find a table that would not burn us. They are all around the resort making sure that everyone is assisted to the best of their abilities. Plus, it’s rare to catch them without a smile on their faces.


6. The beach.

What could go wrong when you’re out basking in the waters and all its glory? It’s the weekend; you were tired from all the stress that your work week has brought you. And now you’re at the beach — sun, sand, and salt. Need I say more?


Few Tips

  • Food is not allowed inside, as well as alcoholic drinks. Water is allowed and some snacks. We brought a lot of beers with us, so of course, we weren’t able to bring them in. We just went outside after swimming to gulp one bottle (or two) each then headed back inside to proceed swimming. Beverages and food are sold inside.
  • There was a spot that we wanted to go to for photo ops, but we were again denied because the path is only for the arrival and departure of guests who traveled via the fast craft. So, if you want to take Instagram-worthy photos of the walkway and the huge rock, you’d have to avail yourself of this route.
  • It is best advised to book your tour in advance to avoid spending more than what you need; they prefer about a week or more before your trip date. We were walk-ins so we paid more. If you book in advance, you’ll only pay half the price of the walk-ins.
    This is the rate if you travel by land:

    Advanced booked day tour – P499
    Walk-in day tour – P999


Check rates and availability here: Camaya Coast Hotel
For other hotel options, search here: Bataan Hotels and Resorts


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