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Featured Travelers

Becoming Filipino

Video: Kyle Jennermann, On a Journey to #BecomingFilipino

He’s on a mission. Kyle Jennermann is a Canadian traveler who have left footprints all over the Europe and Southeast Asia. But it wasn’t until 2012 — after being in 35 countries and working in three continents — when his itchy soles finally led him to the Philippines. “I have never experienced before what I… [read more]

Cody Mafatu Easterbrook in the Philippines

Video: Cody Mafatu in Rainy Manila (and Friendly Philippines)

Hawaiian adventurer and world traveler Cody Mafatu Easterbrook set foot on the Philippines a few years ago and found a “very wet” Manila! It was the middle of the monsoon season and there was a big flood when he arrived that he couldn’t make it to his hostel. Fortunately, he met a local who took… [read more]

Featured Videos

Filipino Street Food

BuzzFeed Team Samples Filipino Street Food

We’ve seen our foreign friends try balut and watched in delight as they freaked out a little a lot. But while balut remains the king of Philippine street food, how about some of our other favorites?

Caticlan Airport to Boracay Island

How to Get from Caticlan Airport to Boracay

Getting to Boracay is a bit complicated. First, airlines use two airports: Kalibo and Caticlan. Kalibo is bigger but much farther. If you’re landing at Caticlan Airport, lucky you. You will save yourself from additional two hours of land travel. From Caticlan airport, you will be taking two more modes of transportation: a short tricycle… [read more]

The Footprints Project

National Plastic Bag Ban

Save Our Seas and Protect Marine Wildlife. End the Use of Plastic Bags!

“Garbage that pollutes our seas is a compelling issue that Filipinos should unite against” said Karl Ramirez, songwriter‐musician and campaign officer of the Earth Island Institute Philippines. “Pollution of our seas is endangering our archipelago, home to numerous marine wildlife species. In fact, a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report in 2005 puts us at… [read more]

rochell prado hero of the sea

Heroine of the Sea: Rochelle Bonifacio Prado

In September 2013, Rochelle started an online petition asking DENR-PAWB to order the immediate release of a sea turtle that was being exploited by locals on Turtle Island in Guimaras for tourism purposes (view the full text at http://chn.ge/154pIaa). PAWB promptly addressed it just a couple of weeks later. When we told Rochelle that we’ve nominated her… [read more]

Featured Beaches


As the summer heat subsides and a nip in the air returns, nothing beats a steaming bowl of … [read more]

Hot Springs Coron

The Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the only few saltwater hot springs in the world. The … [read more]

Mystical Siquijor

Often dubbed "Mystic Island," Siquijor is known for voodoo or black magic. But whether you … [read more]

Talisayen Cove

Nestled between Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove along the coastline of Zambales is … [read more]

Nakabuang Beach

Of all the beaches fringing the coast of Sabtang Island, Morong Beach is probably the most … [read more]

Anawangin Cove Zambales

A decade ago, Anawangin Cove was where you should go if you wanted to be alone on the … [read more]


Much has been said about Borawan. The beach has been transformed from Quezon's best-kept … [read more]

Dampalitan Beach

Dampalitan is one of the three most popular islands dotting the northern fringes of … [read more]

Puting Buhangin Quezon

A pocket of white sand tucked in a corner of Pagbilao Grande Island, Puting Buhangin is … [read more]