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Aris Mape

In one of his latest posts, travel blogger Aris Mape (D’yan Lang) describes a recent “breakup”. He was giving up on something that he had been depending on for years — his bulky DSLR — in favor a powerful but less stressful smartphone. It’s a big change, as any other travel blogger would tell you. … Read more

Chino Roque

Since Chino Roque won the Axe Apollo Space Academy competition, we have been following his journey to becoming the first Filipino astronaut. We first met him while prepping for the shoot of a tourism video that he did for Globe, and as early as then, we could already see how hungry he was for adventure. … Read more

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Picture traveling to a country of more than 7,000 tourist-worthy islands with less than 20 days to explore and but a backpack to carry your belongings. It usually causes preoccupation—the short period of time, the cramped space of your bag, the general brevity of things amid the possibilities of a massive life experience unfolding. But … Read more


Crystal Beach Resort wasn’t exactly crystal that time. Its waters, despite the attraction made by swelling waves, were almost muddied from our view approaching the sprawling sea. The clouds hovering over the beach set a gloomy mood, rendering its ashen sand, a far cry from the blinding white shores of more celebrated beaches like El … Read more

Longest Beach in the Philippines

Globe Studios has just released a video of their newest celebrity ambassador Solenn Heussaff exploring Palawan, which was once again hailed the World’s Most Beautiful Island by several international publications.

Palawan Drone Video

By now, almost everyone is aware of Palawan’s unparalleled beauty. With all the adulating publicity that went out in its favor—it landed first on CNN’s list of the best islands in the Philippines, became a pit stop on The Amazing Race, and got minutes of screen time in The Bourne Legacy—it’s nearly ludicrous not to … Read more

The Footprints Project

Sunscreen Harm Corals

There’s so much to be worried about when it comes to our seas. Marine debris has been killing wildlife. Shark finning remains prevalent. Coral reefs are destroyed in unimaginable scale in many parts of the world. The harm that we, as a species, do to our oceans are so massive that scientists project that we … Read more

Sharks and Rays in the Philippines

During Imperial China, there was a simple bowl dish borne out of careful preparation and exotic taste that held such significance in people’s palate. The delicacy was rare and beyond delectable, which made the populace, from the commoners to the emperors, fancy it as a staple on their tables on weddings, banquets, and other special … Read more

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