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Chino Roque

Since Chino Roque won the Axe Apollo Space Academy competition, we have been following his journey to becoming the first Filipino astronaut. We first met him while prepping for the shoot of a tourism video that he did for Globe, and as early as then, we could already see how hungry he was for adventure. … Read more

Christian LeBlanc Philippines

“In the nine Asian countries I visited over seven months, The Philippines is by far my favorite,” video blogger Christian LeBlanc declared. “I’ve never met a kinder group of people and a more beautiful landscape.” The Philippines was not even part of his original Asian itinerary, but he and girlfriend Laura saw stunning photos on … Read more

Newest Videos

Cagayan Video

Cagayan Valley is the country’s second largest region in terms of land area and no patch of terrain or ripple of water is wasted in terms of beauty as it cradles breathtaking natural settings, from lush woodlands and imposing mountains to majestic waterfalls, rustling rivers, and enchanting caves. Cagayan is composed of five provinces — … Read more

Taal Lake Drone Video

Much has been said about the Taal Volcano, the second most active volcano in the Philippines that is so iconic it lands ubiquitous on t-shirts and postcards. But there’s a larger picture here that begs not to go unnoticed: the Taal Lake. Drone Videographer and Photographer Christer Isulat had the chance to (un)cover interesting angles … Read more

Malabrigo Drone Video

What could possibly be interesting about a cylindrical brick tower that was erected to provide lighted navigational assistance to sea vessels during the Spanish Colonial Era? Save for the fact that it’s a century-old monument whose loftiness can overwhelm people from its base sizing it up with an upward gaze, there’s nothing much to the … Read more

Pagsanjan Caliraya Video

Where two rivers—Bumbungan and Balanac—create a convergence, we find a humble municipality billed as the tourist capital of Laguna: Pagsanjan. Pagsanjan is the home of the Bangkero Festival, a celebration in March that sees the town’s bangkeros paddling in tourists amid rapids and between boulders en route to Pagsanjan Falls, a major attraction the town … Read more

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