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How to Pack Like a Pro

If you’re like me, packing is your most hated part of travel because, again if you’re like me, you tend to bring way more than you should. Squeezing all those clothes and other things into a bag no bigger than my body can be quite a challenge. It’s like solving

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Top 5 Filipino Seafood Dishes

Writing this artile is a torture. It’s difficult to find the right words when images of scrumptious seafood delights keep popping up in my head. With every sentence, a plate of nilasing na hipon magically appears beside my laptop, tempting my imagination. With every punctuation, the aroma of seafood kare-kare

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Top 5 Delicacies You Must Try in Cebu

More than anything, the island province of Cebu is popular for historical sites and churches, and pristine white beaches. But locals and tourists who have been to Cebu know that it is also a land of irresistible cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a dish, a snack, or a potential pasalubong,

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