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Diving is fun and is a great way to explore what nature’s underwater ecosystem has to offer. You’ll get to see more sea flora and fauna that you won’t probably see with just a snorkel and mask. If you like to scuba dive, there are plenty of places to see different shapes and colors of corals and marine wildlife in various parts of Luzon.

Here are places to consider adding to your diving itinerary.

Wreck Diving in Coron

Coron is a popular destination not just for beach lovers, but also for those who want to see the underwater beauty of the Philippines. Scuba divers travel to this part of the country to explore the wrecks of sunken ships. The allure and mystery of exploring a decayed and sea flora-covered ship entice divers.

On a trip, you’ll get to see different types, colors, and shapes of corals and sea creatures that you won’t be able to see just by snorkeling or in certain dive spots. Wreck diving also tests your skill and allows you to gain valuable experience if you wish to pursue higher certification. It takes more effort to move in and out of wrecks as you explore deeper into it.

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Tubbataha Reef

This reef is a protected area in Palawan and is a UNESCO-listed natural heritage site. It got this recognition because of its densely populated atoll reef that is home to several underwater flora and fauna. If you are into diving, this is the crown jewel of your visit to the Philippines. A dive into the depths of Tubbataha will amaze you. You’ll see various sharks, fish, corals, manta rays, and the endangered hawksbill turtle. There are also rare sightings of whale sharks and tiger sharks in the reef.

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South Miniloc

El Nido is one of the most beautiful places in the country; it not only has spectacular limestone formations, lagoons with clear emerald waters, and beaches with fine white sand but also has some of the best dive sites in the country. One of the diving destinations to consider adding to your itinerary is South Miniloc. Its reef is abundant with marine life, making it a great place to see all sorts of underwater flora and fauna. The shallow coral garden of the site offers opportunities to see ribbon eels, nudibranch, and frogfish. Some of the sea creatures you may see include blue spotted stingrays, tunas, barracudas, snappers, Spanish mackerels, and others.

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Apo Reef

This marine sanctuary located in the seas surrounding Occidental Mindoro is a popular destination for snorkelers. For those who aren’t satisfied with snorkeling, this is also a perfect spot to improve your scuba diving skills and explore all its underwater ecosystem has to offer. You’ll get the chance to see sharks, barracudas, and even manta rays while exploring. If you have the equipment, there are plenty of opportunities to take beautiful magazine-worthy photos. It is possible to do a day trip dive to the reef and live-a-boards from different parts of the country.

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Sombrero Island

This island off mainland Batangas is a popular destination for those looking for a weekend getaway. It is a place that is both beautiful above and below the water. Anilao is famous for scuba diving; for those who want to see its colorful and vibrant underwater ecosystem, a trip to Sombrero Island is a must. As divers explore and go deeper of up to more than 20 meters, they’ll see hard and soft corals and a variety of fish species. Some of the marine life you’ll see include some turtles, jacks, gorgonians, and snappers among others.

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Cathedral Rock

One of many dive sites in Anilao, Batangas is Cathedral Rock. It has distinguished itself from the rest. This site is one of the most popular in its part of the province. The huge rock formation characterizing it seems like an amphitheater from a distance. Corals of different shapes and sizes surround it and divers will see schools of parrot fish and Moorish idols and many others.

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Bonbon Beach

This white-sand beach is an ideal place to relax and unwind because of its idyllic surroundings. Bonbon Beach is also a diving site for those who want to see more of the province’s underwater ecosystem teeming with marine life. The dive begins with a descent of three meters then gradually gets to a depth of around 25 meters. As you explore, you’ll see various soft and hard corals in different colors and all sorts of sea creatures.

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Cresta de Gallo Island

Romblon has yet to reach the development and popularity of many beach and dive destinations in the country. For the adventurous and curious divers, Cresta de Gallo is a must-visit place. Beneath its glass-like blue waters lies a reef that has beautiful shelves and outcrops. The dive begins shallow at around five meters then slopes to spectacular corals teeming with diverse marine life. Divers will see swarm fish, turtles, sweetlips, eagle rays, sharks, and many others.

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USS New York

If you are into wreck diving, the USS New York in Subic Bay’s waters is an ideal addition to your diving itinerary. The ship has a long and rich history before it sunk in 1941. It has turned into an artificial reef and is a popular diving destination for divers all over the world. It has a relatively shallow depth and is easily accessible; both of which make it a good place to do wreck diving, regardless of skill and experience.

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These are just some of the dive sites to consider adding to your itinerary while traveling around Luzon. The region has so much more to offer divers for those who have more time.


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