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2013 • 08 • 22

Pinoy Adventurista is on a roll. Back in 2009, he had not even been inside an airplane. Today, just four years later, he has emerged as one of the most prolific and most respected travel bloggers in the country! He has gone a long way from being a full-time office-based employee to establishing a website that has become the go-to Philippine travel guide.

pinoy adventurista 80 provinces challenge

This post is a celebration. Pinoy Adventurista has two things to be thankful for. First, he has finally conquered and explored all 81 provinces in the Philippines. Second, his fan page has just reached the 10,000 likes mark! And to mark the occasion (and as our salute to the guy), here are 10 questions about his journey that he graciously answered. Prepare to be inspired!

1. Before you become a travel blogger, what were you busy with?

I work full-time as a Cobol Mainframe programmer for an Australia-based insurance company.

2. How did you become a travel blogger? What inspired you to start your blog?

When I started to see and experience the beauty of our country. My very first airplane ride was in 2009, it was a trip to Cebu. I think that made me realize that I want to write my experience and share it to everyone.


3. You have just set foot in all 81 provinces of the Philippines! Was it your goal from the very beginning? When did you start and how did you manage to visit almost all provinces?

When I launched my blog as “Pinoy AdvenTurista” sometime in 2010, I started the “‪#‎80PHL‬ Challenge”. Still a newbie, nobody knows who Pinoy Adventurista is. So, the personal challenge of visiting all the 80 provinces (at the time) in the Philippines was born. Honestly, it was just my way “to get noticed”. BUT after a few months, when people started to like and got interested in the challenge, I made it the main theme of my blog – “To share my travels and adventures as I tick-off the provinces in the Philippine map”. I plan my trips ahead so I could visit as many provinces as I can. I call it “tuhog” where you visit three provinces on one trip. It’s more economical and saves time.

4. What was the last province that you scratched off the list?

Last August 7, I finally set foot in my 81st province. Nothing beats experiencing Ramadhan in an Islamic town such as Jolo in Sulu.

Admiring the view
Admiring the view

5. Which three destinations are the most unforgettable for you?

– Occidental Mindoro
– Sulu
– Batanes

6. Suppose a friend asks you: Take me to the most beautiful place in the Philippines. Where will you take him/her? Why?

Batanes. More than the sights, the hospitality and friendliness of the people is truly one of a kind.

7. What are the highest and lowest points of your travel history so far?

The highest point is when I set foot on my 81st province.

The lowest point is when I was stuck with my 78th province. I visited 78th province on Sept 2012, visited 79th on May 2013. It took me several months because I needed to save (money) for Batanes.

8. What is the funniest thing that happened to you while traveling?

When I was shouting “para” inside a jeep, then the jeepney didn’t stop. I kept on shouting “Para po! Para po!” I forgot that I’m in Bacolod, I should have shouted “lugar lang”. The jeepney stopped when I shouted lugar lang. Hahaha.

9. What are the areas that you think Philippine tourism needs to improve on?

– Roads and transportation. We really need better roads and available transportation options in some remote areas in our country.
– Security also in some areas.
– Involvement of the locals in preserving the tourist spots. They should be educated in helping sa pag preserve ng mga natural attractions.

10. What is your favorite thing about traveling? 

Meeting new friends and interacting with the locals. Beyond the lovely sights, meeting new friends along the way is the one I cherish always. Also, being able to experience the life, culture and traditions in the places I visit is truly unforgettable.


My favorite Pinoy food is: Tapsilog
My favorite Pinoy beach is: Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana Cagayan
The weirdest food I have tried is: Tamilok in Puerto Princesa
My ultimate travel pet peeve is: Opportunists, those who overprice when they know that you’re a tourist
Longest ride (bus/plane/whatever): Bus-12 hrs Tuguegarao-Manila. Ferry- 8 hrs Jolo-Zamboanga city. Plane- 3 hours Manila-Busuanga(we didn’t land)-Manila.
The most romantic place in PH for me is: Baguio
My steamiest travel moment happened in: Tuguegarao (Mainit ang weather sa TUG) hahaha
I once got my heart broken in: none, palaging winner! choz!
I once got awfully LOST in: Samar
I never expected that I would fall in love with: Aurora
My absolute favorite place in PH is: wahhhhhh! ang hirap!!! On top of my mind right now are Batanes, Siquijor, Lake Sebu (South Cotabato), Mati (Davao Oriental), and Coron (Palawan).
You will be surprised to learn that I: am Kuripot

Congratulations on completing the challenge, Pinoy Adventurista!

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