HOW TO GET TO CORON (From Manila, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Cebu)

2019 • 07 • 24

Coron is one of the islands that are a part of Palawan province. It is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches and natural attractions in the country. Its town has a laidback vibe and provides a glimpse of typical rural life. Many local and foreign tourists make their way to this part of the Philippines to island hop and have a relaxing getaway.

Kayangan Lake is part of a typical island hopping package. Here you will find the iconic view of the huge limestone formation surrounded by cerulean waters. The lake itself is a short walk up and down stone steps. It is recognized as one of the cleanest of its kind in the country. Its waters are deceptively shallow because of its crystalline waters that allow you to almost see its bottom. It is also unique because it is a mix of fresh and salt water.

Twin Lagoon is another noteworthy destination. Its emerald, clear waters and limestone formation give it a rough but beautiful appearance. Visitors either swim through a narrow opening or climb up the rock to reach the second lagoon.

The beaches of Malcapuya, Bulog Dos, and Banana Island provide tropical getaways with their powdery, white sand shores and azure waters. The relaxing atmosphere will make you forget your worries and the hustle and bustle of city living. Go sunbathing, play some volleyball or throw a Frisbee around, wade in the waters, or just take leisurely walks to take in the stunning vistas.

Calauit Safari is a unique day trip destination from Coron town. This attraction will provide you a glimpse of what a savannah is like. You will see giraffes, zebras, and other animals as you explore on foot. You will also get a chance to feed a giraffe during your visit.

Coron’s waters are also teeming with marine life and are a hotspot for wreck-diving or snorkeling. Scuba-divers will enjoy exploring the sunken warships that have been turned into reefs. You will see all sorts of fish and turtles even if you are just snorkeling.

Coron has more attractions and things to do for visitors with varying interests. It is also an accessible destination. Here are different ways to reach the island.

How to Get to Coron

From Manila

  • VIA AIR. There are now more options when it comes to flying directly from Manila to Coron. There are regular flights from morning until late afternoon. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and SkyJet are airlines you can choose from. Look for flights several months before your departure date to get the cheapest possible airfare.
  • VIA SEA. Alternatively, you can book an overnight boat trip from Manila to Coron. 2Go is a shipping line that offers this route. The ride takes about 11 to 12 hours depending on the weather. The fare is approximately P1,700 for the super value class, but this will depend on the season and promos by the company.

From Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is often the first stop of many visitors traveling to Palawan. The city has changed over the years because of the influx of both foreign and local tourists. The main attraction of a trip here is a day tour of the UNESCO-listed Underground River. The cave has plenty of rock formations that take on the shape of furniture, animals, and even people. This attraction showcases the subterranean beauty of the province. Island-hopping is also another activity you can consider, the stops included are part of Honda Bay.

It is possible to visit Coron from Puerto Princesa. There are boats plying this route. 2Go operates this route and leaves every Sunday at 7:00 AM and arrives at Coron by 6:00 PM. The fare costs approximately P1,500 for the super value class. The price will depend on when you go.

From El Nido

El Nido is a top-notch tourist destination that is home to fetching beachscapes, world-class shores, a thriving underwater ecosystem and limestone formations that are rugged but beautiful. Island-hopping is also a popular activity from the town, the common tours are A, B, C, and D. You can include Coron as one of your stops from here. Nacpan Beach and Las Cabanas are beaches visitors can go to by land.

There are boats that travel now between El Nido and Coron. There is a slow and fast ferry. The slower one costs around P1,300 and takes approximately 6 hours to reach Coron, while the faster option takes about 3 to 4 hours and is around P1,800.

From Cebu

Cebu is another noteworthy destination because of its beaches, variety of things to do, food, and cultural and historical attractions. There are dive spots for those who want to go scuba diving. Waterfalls are aplenty in the province. Canyoneering is another exciting activity you can try during your visit.

There are direct flights from Cebu to Coron. The flight takes around an hour and a half. Buy tickets several months before your trip to get the cheapest possible price.

Where to Stay

There are numerous accommodations in Coron that can cater to every traveler’s budget. Have no idea where to stay? You may want to consider these highly recommended resorts in Coron by Agoda users, in no particular order.

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