VIDEO: Surfing in Baler (Justin Romero)

2016 • 04 • 05

I had a grand time maneuvering past the waves as I felt the raging wind against my hair and enjoyed the taste of saline on my lips. It was only my second time surfing, but I didn’t find it extraordinarily challenging to stay erect on my board. That’s because I could still recall the lessons gleaned during my first surf experience here.

I guess that’s the impact of surfing in Baler. Besides the instructors being adroit and accommodating, there’s a certain mystique to the place that motivates novice surfers like yours truly to focus and learn as much as they can, to fall down five times and stand up 10 on their rather unstable boards.

In 2013, Yahoo! Southeast Asia dubbed Baler as one of the top surf spots in the Philippines, further illustrating Aurora’s provincial capital as a surf haven where beginners learn and pros flourish. However, regardless of levels, whether you’re surfing for pleasure, practice, or perfection, Baler is sure to get you stoked -— as what Justin Romero, MJ Guanizo, and the rest of their group had found out.

In the video Justin and MJ posted some 10 months ago, they were able to document how exuberant surfing is in Baler. It doesn’t matter if you tumble or collide with fellow surfers (as long as you keep in mind the precautionary measures, all of which are discussed by the instructors before you’re sent out to the sea to overcome its swells)—what matters is the spirited feeling you get from the experience. As surfers succinctly put it: hang loose!

Wondering what it’s really like to surf? Or maybe you’re feeling that itch to go catch some waves again? Check the video below and let it further intensify your already brewing excitement.

Baler 2015 from JustinRomero on Vimeo.



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