By Joshua Berida

7 Tourist Spots for Your QUEZON ITINERARY

Quezon province is a popular summer and weekend destination because of its accessibility from Manila, and numerous attractions and things to do. It has many beaches worth a visit or overnight stay, waterfalls to chase, historical landmarks, a colorful festival, and delicious gastronomic offerings. There are many buses that travel

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10 Tourist Spots for Your BAGUIO ITINERARY

Baguio City has two names famously associated with it: “City of Pines”, and “Summer Capital of the Philippines.” This city in the mountains is a popular destination because of its cool weather and variety of attractions. It is also accessible by private and public transportation. The road improvements over the

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9 Tourist Spots for Your RIZAL ITINERARY

Rizal is near Metro Manila, and its proximity has made it a popular weekend, day trip or vacation destination. The mountains surrounding it, the waterfalls and the rivers coursing through it, has given the province many natural wonders worth discovering. This destination is also easily accessible by public transportation from

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