PHILIPPINES: Hidden Paradise (Video)

2016 • 05 • 09

Four weeks, four destinations, and a whole lot of adventures.

This pretty much sums up Anna Huss’ month-long escapade in the Philippines. She, together with a couple of companions, visited Davao, Palawan, Cebu, and Manila, where they delved into rural and urban explorations new to their field of experience.

First off, the rides. Tricycle and jeepney excursions are always a must-try for foreigners vacationing in the country, and Anna’s group was no exception. Joy was visible on their breeze-swept faces as they rolled in these local modes of transportation. Their boat rides, which took them from one pristine island to another, were just as exciting, as evidenced in the video Anna shot. Catching on camera a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) making a turn by the curb was also a pleasant addition to round up their firsthand encounter of commuting Pinoy-style.

Those were just the means to get to the places on their checklist. When they reached their destinations, the real adventures began—hiking, swimming, diving, wakeboarding, jumping off cliffs, gliding through slides, and somersaulting before making a big splash. The exhilaration was encompassing.

Anna wanted to give people impressions of “this beautiful country” she regarded as a hidden paradise. So she collected visual stories of the trip using her GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition in hopes of uncovering the secrets behind the allure of the Philippines, a place so endearingly diverse even playful stray cats and dancing locals are worth noting.



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