30 BEST BEACHES in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers (Part 3)

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2014 • 04 • 13

We asked some of your favorite travel bloggers: What is the best beach in the Philippines?

It’s a difficult question, to say the least. After all, the Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands, fringed by miles of shoreline. Picking just one out of countless coves and beaches is no easy business. Besides, how do you judge a beach? The fineness of the sand? The clarity of the water? The richness of its wildlife? The grandeur of the landscape? In the end, we told them: pick the one that allowed the best, most unforgettable experience. And here are their answers. In no particular order.

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21. Manjuyod Sandbar, Negros Oriental

Location: Manjuyod, Negros Oriental
Blogger: Gael Hilotin of The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Photo by Gael Hilotin
Photo by Gael Hilotin

Scribbling the waters of North Bais Bay is the Manjuyod white sand bar. “It is a typical stop-over during the Bais dolphin and whale watching tour,” shares Gael. “It is highly advisable to visit the sandbar early in the morning to catch its momentous appearance. There is no sign of plush resort here, only three native cottages dotting the sandbar, and they all offer a gorgeous tropical isle scene.”

Read more about it here: Manjuyod Sand Bar


22. Black Island (Malajon Island), Palawan

Location: Busuanga, Palawan
Blogger: Kirk Acebron of Kirk Anatomy

Photo by Kirk Acebron
Photo by Kirk Acebron

Everything you want in a beach destination you can find on and around Black Island — a wide bed of white sand, coral gardens, limestone cliffs, and even a cave that houses a natural pool! Black Island (or Malajon Island) is located off the coast of Busuanga, Palawan.

“Surprisingly, shimmering fine white sand welcomed us, apprehension gone,” Kirk shares. “Sparkling crystal clear water also showed their most treasured vibrant coral garden underneath with colorful fishes dancing gracefully. We couldn’t help but succumb ourselves to this beautiful paradise.”

What’s more, there is also a Japanese ship that was submerged during World War II near the coast, adding another treat for snorkelers.

More about this island here: Bizarre Black Island


23. Malcapuya Island, Palawan

Location: Coron, Palawan
Blogger: John Marx Velasco of Marxtermind

Malcapuya Island. Photo by John Marx Velasco
Malcapuya Island. Photo by John Marx Velasco

Of all the provinces in the country, Palawan probably has the most to boast about when it comes to the shoreline pulchritude. Palawan has two beaches in this batch and six overall. (Other beaches that made it to this list are: Nacpan-Calitang, Port Barton, El Nido’s Secret Beach, and Cuyo’s Quiminatin Island.)

Coron is represented by Malcapuya Island; thanks to John Marx, who just couldn’t get enough of it during his visit. “With its long stretch of powdery sand and very clear waters, I couldn’t resist but to take a dip!” Malcapuya is usually part of an island hopping tour that includes Bulog and Banana Islands.

More about Marx’s visit at: Coron Island Hopping


24. Apo Reef, Occidental Mindoro

Location: Apo Reef Natural Park, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
Blogger: Claire Madarang of Traveling Light

Apo Island, one of the islands in the reef area
Apo Island, one of the islands in the reef area. Photo by Claire Madarang

Covering an area of 34 square kilometers, Apo Reef Natural Park is the second largest contiguous coral reef in the world (next only to the Great Barrier Reef). Although more widely-known for the natural trove of treasure hidden underneath its waves, Apo Reef has some of the country’s finest beaches, too!

“Do explore Apo Island,” Claire recommends. “There are waters so clear you can see the sandy bottom, creamy pinkish-white sand similar to the popular pinkish Sta. Cruz Islands in Zamboanga, a mangrove forest, a quiet lagoon, rock formations, and a stunning view from the lighthouse.”

Read more: 10 Things to Do to Have a Fun, Smooth-Sailing Apo Reef Adventure


25. Alona Beach, Bohol

Location: Panglao Island, Bohol
Blogger: Micaela Rodriguez of Senyorita

Alona Beach. Photo by Mica Rodriguez
Alona Beach. Photo by Mica Rodriguez

Panglao Island has some of Bohol’s best beaches. The most popular of them all? Alona Beach. This powdery paradise is just a short tricycle ride away from the provincial capital Tagbilaran. It remains the most famous, most crowded, and the most developed, but it still retains much of what makes it well-loved.

More about it here: Bohol Trip Itinerary


26. Patar Beach, Pangasinan

Location: Bolinao, Pangasinan
Blogger: Darwin Cayetano of Tracking Treasures

Patar Beach, Pangasinan. Photo by Darwin Miranda Cayetano
Patar Beach, Pangasinan. Photo by Darwin Miranda Cayetano

“This jaw-dropping sunset is truly magical,” Darwin recalls one of his best moments at Patar Beach. The place was not yet developed during this visit, making his stay very laid-back. “No loud music, only waves. No screaming, only whistles from the leaves of trees. I’ve been to this place three times and still hoping to go back. I find this beach as my perfect hideout whenever I’m tired and stressed from the hassles of city life. In Patar, you can also visit the lighthouse, the Rock View, and lagoons inside a cave.”

Darwin has listed down his other favorite beaches in the country: Of White, Gray, and Gold; Of Fine and Pebbled


27. Bucas Grande Islands, Surigao del Norte

Location: Socorro, Surigao del Norte
Blogger: Olan Emboscado at The Travel Teller

Bubon Beach. Photo by Olan Emboscado
Bubon Beach. Photo by Olan Emboscado

There’s so much to love about Bucas Grande Islands: mystic coves, enchanted lagoons, and a jellyfish sanctuary, to name a few. But when it comes to pearly whites, it has something under its belt, too. Some of the sandy beaches in the area are Markaa, also a great snorkeling site, and Bubon. “Bubon Beach offers a great view of Bubon Group of Islets that appears like gigantic green mushrooms sprouting from the seawaters,” shares Olan.

More about it here: The Sandy Beaches of Bucas Grande Islands


28. White Island (Medan Island), Camiguin

Location: Mambajao, Camiguin
Blogger: Ivan Brinas Cultura of Batang Lakwatsero

White Island, Camiguin. Photo by Ivan Brinas Cultura
White Island, Camiguin. Photo by Ivan Brinas Cultura

White Island (locally known as Medano Islet or Medan Island) lies just 1.4 km, about 10 minutes, off the coast of Mambajao. It is Camiguin’s most popular tourist attraction. Some of the finest white sand you’ll ever see makes up this glittery bend. A naked island, it is uninhabited — no houses, no huts, no trees — but umbrellas are available for rent.

“White Island is so beautiful and picturesque,” Ivan writes. “Every corner is worth taking a photo. We even planned to stay in the island until dusk hoping that we will capture the majestic sunset.”

More about his adventure in Camiguin at: From Summit to Sea, Off to White Island


29. Lampinigan Island, Basilan

Location: Isabela City, Basilan
Blogger: Mark Rodel Dela Rosa of Kurtzky.com

Photo by Mark Rodel Dela Rosa
Photo by Mark Rodel Dela Rosa

Despite its dangerous reputation, a remote island in Basilan earns a nod from Mark of Kurtzky.com. “Basilan has many potential tourist destinations that remain pristine,” he notes. “The presence of rebels in the province somehow helps in preserving the virginity of most areas, but sadly, not everyone can see the bright side of Basilan… Our quick 1-hour stay at Lampinigan was all worth our time, money, and effort considering the fact that we could have been possibly observed by militants while we were on the island. We felt secure in the duration of our visit, thanks to the armed guys who were there with us.”

Mark shares more here: Lampinigan Island, Basilan


30. Pamuktan Beach, Cagayan

Location: Calayan Island, Cagayan
: Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog

Pamuktan Beach. Photos by Melo Villareal
Pamuktan Beach. Photos by Melo Villareal

Palaui Island is the prized jewel of Cagayan these days — Thanks to Survivor — but one less famous but no less alluring paradise is Pamuktan Beach. “It’s one of the most inaccessible islands in the Philippines and probably the most beautiful island I’ve visited,” Melo declares. It is part of the five-piece Babuyan Group of Islands.  “These islands are a place where you live the dreams of island life. There really isn’t anyplace else like them. The island (Camiguin Norte) doesn’t have a public market. Why? Because they catch their own fish!”

Melo shares more here: Babuyan Islands, The Ultimate Northern Adventure

That wraps it up! How many of these 30 beaches have you set foot on?

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  1. agree with malcapuya island, coron being on this list! super fine white sand, this is better than boracay minus the crowd! i miss this beach, this is one of the reasons why i keep coming back to Coron! 🙂

  2. amielaiski says:

    the white island of camiguin.
    perfect beach, wide stretch with clear water and a perfect view of mountain.

    place was so relaxing….

  3. Francis says:

    Try visiting beer island in El Nido. It’s the beach beside 7 commandos beach.

  4. RTWgirl.com says:

    Wow!! All are amazing. I haven’t been to nearly enough but now I have a good list to follow!!!

  5. MNLFoodcritic says:

    Halata talagang sobrang mahal at exclusive sa Amanpulo. Wala kasing maka-afford pumunta doon kaya hindi nasasali sa mga listahan tulad nito.

    • Jose Eustaquio says:

      True…author of this should visit Amanpulo…better than Boracay!

  6. Ah_lex says:

    I’ve been to a beach in Camotes Island and it’s very nice. It was supposed to be developed into a resort by a Japanese investor at that time. I just don’t know if it pushed through, because like Amanpulo it was supposed to be an exclusive resort. and therefore would not be in these list.

  7. bon says:


    gumasa beach at GLAN sarangani province

  8. JoyB says:

    Palawan truly has a lot of beautiful beaches… and there are even more secret (unknown) ones lying around.. all the palawan beaches mentioned are from the north, but the south has lots of secrets to share as well. We have onuk island, ursula island and a few more. I hope people would learn about these little gems as well someday…

  9. Thesnowflakes says:

    Philippines gifted of beautiful beaches na wala sa ibang bansa..we proud of it?

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