VIDEO: Sweet Escape to Coron, Palawan

Coron is a many-splendored place. It is a celebrated dive site, a haven of picture-perfect beaches, a goldmine of natural wonders. Because of this, many have fallen in love with Coron. While a lot have documented their experiences in this first-class municipality in Palawan, only a few have hinted it as a rendezvous of romance.

Peter Ascalon allows us this unique vantage point through a video he made, which views Coron through the eyes of people who have fallen in love. With one another and, eventually, Palawan’s paradise itself.

The Sweet Escape (Coron Palawan) from Peter Ascalon on Vimeo.

Titled “The Sweet Escape,” Peter’s video features him and his significant other exploring Coron from land to sea and back again. It chronicles their adventures and the lasting memories that come along with them: that as if while they’re trekking, diving, swimming, kayaking, and knowing Coron down to its details, they, too, are discovering themselves in a new, warm light.

There is clarity in Coron: clear skies, blindingly white sand, glistening gin-clear waters, and colorful schools of fish, among other things. There is also clarity in the stares and smiles the couple shares in each moment they forge in Coron. Clarity, albeit subtle, they wish to impart in a short and sweet reminiscence.



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