6 Steps to Responsible Travel

The Footprints Project aims to make every Filipino a responsible traveler and an active steward of nature! The goal is to raise awareness on ways to minimize impact on the environment and provide practical, specific and actionable guidelines to help travelers become more informed, more involved, and more in touch with the natural world.

Follow the 6 STEPS TO RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL when on a trip and SHARE with friends!

1. Research your destination.

Learn about the destination, its culture and its ecology.

Traveling is best enjoyed when you have prior knowledge of the things, places, and activities that await you when you reach your destination. Not only will it keep your trip a positive and enlightening experience, it will also keep you safe.

2. Recognize rules.

Observe national and local laws and regulations. 

You are a guest. Respect the law, the rules (both written and unwritten), and the customs of the destination. If flash photography is prohibited, then don’t do it. If touching animals and plants are prohibited, then don’t do it. If swimming is prohibited, then don’t do it. There’s a reason laws are passed and rules are made, and it is your obligation to follow them.

3. Reduce waste.

Minimize waste by reusing.

Reuse. Refrain from using plastic and other disposable materials during your trip. Bring your own tumblers and food containers. Plastic and styrofoam plates, cups, and utensils are non-biodegradable — and ugly, too.

Whatever you bring to the beach, you take with you when you leave. Dispose of your garbage properly.

4. Respect wildlife.

Kill nothing but time. Take nothing but photos.

Respect wildlife and their natural habitats. Do not step on, touch, or remove any items from the reef, including corals. Do not pick up a starfish only to leave it dry on the sand. The beach is part of a network of ecosystems and a web of life.

Souvenirs? Photos are the best and cheapest mementos. If you really want a souvenir, purchase products that are NOT made using threatened or endangered plants or animals.

5. Report illegal activities.

Report any illegal activity you encounter during your trip.

A dolphin being slaughtered? Report. Corals being harvested? Report. Dynamite fishing? Report. Open your eyes and take action.

You may download Save Phillipine Seas’ mobile app at //savephseas.mobilemo.com to report incidents that need to be addressed or simply log on to //savephseas.mobilemo.com/report.php and complete the form.

6. Repost and retweet.

Share your experience!

Write about your trip on your blog and share photos with friends and network via your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagrm, etc) to encourage them to have the same positive experience. Recommend the travel agency, hotel, or attraction that you believe has good policies on sustainable tourism. Share these 6 steps to help in raising awareness about responsible travel.


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