5 Gadgets for a Hassle-Free Beach Resort Getaway

If you’re heading for the beach this summer to spend quality time with family or friends or simply to have some relaxing me-time, there are some essential pieces of tech that can help you make more unforgettable memories. Sure, it is possible to have a great time without any gadget but if you’re the type who just have to stay in touch or document your moments, having the right gadgets will not hurt.

From taking the perfect underwater shot when you head out snorkeling to chilling out with some music or finishing a book, here are our 5 tech gadgets you might need for your next beach resort holiday.

iPhone or Android Phone

Hardly anyone goes anywhere without their mobile phone these days, and our holidays are no exception. Not just for staying connected with our loved ones back home and keeping up-to-date with all the latest news, our phones are great for capturing all those beachside memories. Today’s mobile phones have become very sophisticated and boast outstanding camera capabilities, so we’d recommend just taking your phone to the beach resort over lugging a big camera and additional lenses around with you!

Solar Powered Charger Bank

While we’re on the subject of phones, with all those photos and videos you’ll be capturing, you’re bound to lose battery pretty quickly! Don’t forget to pack a solar powered charger bank. These nifty little devices are perfect for keeping you fully charged throughout the day – plus with their own power coming from solar energy, you’ll never have to worry about finding a plug socket again.

Wireless Headphones

Ideal if you’re wanting to “get away” into your own little world. Most wireless headphones come with a pretty lengthy battery life nowadays, but if they do run out, just plug them into your charger bank! If you’re heading to a beach resort and like to enjoy some time alone either to relax on a sun lounger or go out on a stroll, wireless headphones are perfect for helping you simply be with your own thoughts.

Kindle Voyage

Whether you’re seated on the beach or by the pool, most of us enjoy reading a good book while we’re away. But taking a number of books on holiday is just luggage space that can be better used on more clothes and shoes, right? Kindles have swiftly become the most popular book reading device on the market. With high resolution display, a battery which lasts a week and PagePress sensors, if you’re an avid book reader, this is an essential gadget to take with you.

GoPro Hero 7

This incredibly versatile camera can not only takes photos and videos of your summer adventure but is also waterproof, meaning you’ll be able to capture your underwater snorkelling experiences too. Make your friends and family jealous of your holiday with GoPro Hero 7 and give them a look at all the places you have visited and experience you have enjoyed so they’ll join you next time!

Don’t forget your tech this year.

No matter which beach resort you’re heading to on your summer holiday this year, make sure you pack all your essential gadgets. Whatever you need, RS components has all your tech needs sorted in their extensive collection.



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